CQG 3x18650 CREE XM-L T6 850-lumen extreme Long-Runtime Flashlight

If we follow Philips/Osram/Panasonic/etc compact flurorescent lamps or T5/T8/T12, those 840 lamps are CRI 80 and 4000k, hence the "8" and "40" figure. 5000k is the max as Neutral white as recognised by Cree I think, and 3500k as the lowest. I think the aquarium hobbyists also recognise that range.

Large companies also like to use neutral white 840 tubes, think there is a recommendation for colour temperature and lux for maximum productivity or something like that.

These are defined by ANSI,as far as I know:

warm white (2600K-3700K),
neutral white (3700K-5000K) and
cool white (5000K-8300K)

Triker, did Ric respond? Did you get one?

If not, I guess I'll have to post a review then ... I just got mine. Massive thing. No lanyard btw...

Ric just told me yesterday there will be a SST-90 version soon. He claims it to be pretty dang bright, but then he might just be going off of known performance.

Manufacturing wise, this is a much bigger torch, and theres exponentially more metal, more machining time, and the battery carrier is alone is a fair bit of manufacturing time.

Its good to see stuff like this comming up, Ive already got my SST-50 lights, but this is a definite contender for battery run time. Wouldn't mind paying a bit more for a magnetically controlled UI though.

I will try and get a review up tomorrow.

I'm using a Fenix lanyard with great success. Pics to follow.

Wow... 3 x 18650 in parallel with 9.3Ah would be nice for a super pocket rocket. Small reflector though.

Will complement the 9-12amps DD triple XM-Ls floodies.

would love to see a review from you both. I'm ready to get one but now I'm curious to read your feedback

+ 1

And please reference other lights you own for comparison. You know the STL-V2 is always a favorite

Reflector size? Amp draw? Works off one cell?

inner reflector diameter at front: 38mm, outer diameter 42mm

Current: 2.75A (batteries not completely full)

Does run of one cell. Got 2A with a not fully charged one.

As soon as I find the time for real measurements, I'll post more (incl throw & ceiling bounce)

Thanks! Looking forward to some beam shots

Every time I look at this light it is harder and harder to abstain from clicking the order button!
Love the format, love the run time and the battery flexibility. Looks to be good heatsinking too. Hopefully the reflector is la size used elsewhere so a smooth swap in might be possible.

Any word on some reviews or feedback?

Okay... I'm getting antsy, I know

So what would a guy use to mod a host like this? This might be a stupid question, but would a non-p60 host come with a pill? I've never bought one before. I've only done the Solarforce game as far as hosts go. I would like a project where I can drive an XM-L close to its max and I'm liking the parallel circuit in this one (it's safer and I might end up gifting it after a while). Oh heck.. I'm sure the most rational thing to do would be to just buy the entire package and swap out the driver

Weiser701 bro, due to design, P60s won't give you high absolute lumens output, even if you manage to drive it nicely. As per figures from the light meter.

Oh I know. I think you misunderstood me. I'm talking about the flashlight (host) in this thread. When I said "non-p60 host" I was implying this particular flashlight. CN also offers a host version. But I'm wondering if it's easier and even more economical to just replace the driver instead of building on the host. What do you think? I know the reflector could be bigger but then the simple yet beautiful design would be discarded. This light will have its own purpose for me (if I decide to go with it). I just want to beef it up a little if possible.

Regardless, do you have any suggestions for a decent and affordable driver for an XM-L that will draw >3.5 amps and provide H>M>L?

I see....well i don't really do mods like that, so sorry. But one thing i know is, since you are in Montana, a higher drive at 3.5A would be useful at night as you generally get quite cold weather there i guess? :)

The simplest might be to piggy back a couple of 7135 chips onto the existing driver. 10x 350ma =3.5a

I'm not familiar with that sort of mod. Do you think that would be easier in terms of soldering and not screwing anything up? That would be fine since the light already comes with 3 modes, although I'm also hoping to get a low low mode. Maybe with another light.