Cr123 nichia triple

Has anyone here run triple nichia on a single cr123? Just interested in approx lumen output and runtimes. Can anyone help?

You’d need a boost converter to kick up the ~1.6V to the Vf of the LEDs, so it depends on the driver, how hard it wrings out the ’123s, etc.

Don’t expect multiple amps on output, whatever the case.

Not with Nichia, or CR123a, but I did build a very small triple XP-E2 using a single 16340. Lumens was very “meh”. Comparable or better results from a single XM-L2. Runtime would of course depend on how it was driven.

I didn’t leave the light in that configuration as I was fairly unimpressed.

Would a cr123 give good output on a triple or am I better off with a single???

As mentioned, the CR123a would need a boost driver; that would limit your options considerably.

Either way, a single emitter would be more practical, a triple would be more novelty.

The only advantage a triple would have, is that each LED would only be getting 1/3 the current, so wouldn’t be nearly as stressed, and would be more efficient. This is especially for high-strung chips that don’t take heat very well.

I have a Mecarmy PT-16 that accepts not only CR123, but also 16340, and my favorite, 18350.

You would need to swap LEDs. In my limited experience, tripples with optics, have floodier beams than single LEDs with standard reflectors.

Mine was modified to 4000k N219b with LEDs from illumin. I love the pink tint.
Clemence also has some outstanding N219b.
see this post for pics and how to get one for $45

I get 1000 lumens from the 18350. The other modes are approximately 5-50-200… it also has a great, simple UI, with direct access to turbo, momentary turbo, and strobe…
4000k N219b on left, 6000k XPG2 on right (stock)

also more info in this thread

fwiw, the PT series is fully flat regulated output, no PWM, no Circuit Noise, no wavy gravy
otoh, they have no pocket clip, and no built in overdischarge protection