create light based only 1,5v

hi, i try to create light based 1.5v

for you, my circuit diagram is correct ?

again, actualy try to use QX5252 but off at 0.9v ( because protect battery Nimh or other )

do you have simmilar chip whit down 0.7v or less ( not joule chief, because is hard for me )

finaly, create pcb whit chip on the site jlcpcb ( I need the chip on this site, so I can make everything assembled on this site )

thank you

I can’t comment on the circuit correctness, but I don’t feel it’s required to protect a NiMH from deep discharge— in fact it’s better to discharge completely to make use of the maximum capacity and avoid the memory effect which can still happen, even if less likely than NiCd.


thank you for the answer

I don’t intend to use a Nimh type battery, but a non rechargeable alkaline battery in LR20 format.

it’s for create a light for my child (I made a post previously).

I wanted to use the joule thief, but it’s complicated for me, so I’ll look into doing it with a led controller like the QX5252,

I don’t know if there are similar drivers on the jlcpcb site.

after add 2 functions pir sensor and night sensor

5252F is wired as such

BAT: TO-94[Pin2] / DIP-8[Pin7] = Inductor + (Optional on/off switch) + Bat Positive
VSS: TO-94[Pin3] / DIP-8[Pin2] = Led Cathode + Bat Negative
LX: TO-94[Pin4] / DIP-8[Pin3] = Inductor + Led Anode

gchart made a joule thief that that runs down to 0.7v with TLV61220 or ZXLD381

TLV61220 and ZXLD381 don’t have on jlcpcb :confused:

too bad, I’ll go with this one,

Does my diagram look right then?