Credit Card Wallet

I find those large wallets pretty annoying and I dont like coins either.. I figured I wouldnt be the only one thinking that way so maybe someone can give me a hint?

A usually carry 6-8 cards and some bills.

I love my Big Skinny

famous EDC youtuber and his wallet:

purse = Handtasche

kreislergirl. :P

I prefer to carry my money and cards in the front left pocket of my jeans.. :)

Ever been to France, more specific, Strasbourg? Kingdom of pickpockets.. and they never got anything from me. Smacked a few of them..

Anyway, edc, do you have one of these nylon things? Are those.. sweaty? My old wallet always felt weird in my pocket, so I bought one made out of leather.. its smaller but still too big. :D

Mines leather outside and nylon inside. Best wallet I have ever bought.

I prefer a good tri fold over a regular large bi fold wallet, when I can find one. They are quite a bit smaller and fit nicer in the pocket.

For my 21st (er some time ago) a dear friend gave me a money clip style bi fold with space for drivers licence and credit cards. Really nice leather. It is a bit limited for me for EDC, but it is really nice when going out for dinner or a show as it is very slim and much smaller than a regular bi fold, only about the size of notes or a tad more. The moony clip part is a spring loaded gold plated tab that holds notes snugly in the centre. Sorry I can’t seem to find a pic of one like it, but it sounds just what you need.

It is similar to This One google bi fold money clip

Found one more like mine Here

I have had this one for years. Great quality and very thin.

I've been on that website for about an hour. So far, I am really impressed. Right now I have a $10 Dockers wallet that is annoyingly thick. I think I will replace it with a Big Skinny leather hybrid wallet.

Thanks for the heads up, edc!


I carry CCs in a small bi-fold only large enough for CCs and IDs (9.5 x 7 cm), with a money-clip attached for bills; it always rides in a front pocket.

This was an upgrade from a non-folding version with half the capacity since it has 2 ID windows instead of 1.

Before that I had a version with a zipper pocket for coins that took keys instead.

Coins go into a tin or jar as soon as possible.

@GottaZoom: How thick is yours with about 6 cards and a few bills? Did you buy it online? I cant find any decent ones locally.. -.-

Yet another thing I picked up from County Comm.

LA wallet

Carry it in my front pocket. Does the job very well.

Full it is 2.2 cm at narrowest part of the clip and 2.5 at the wide part with a bit more than you ask. 9 US bills folded in half are 2mm but the widest part is a pivot for the clip and doesn’t expand outward like the narrow part. Works fine with suit/slacks.

I keep drivers licence, insurance papers, and 2 gas credit cards in the outside ID pocket. Another laminated ID inside with 2 paper IDs inside of plastic carriers behind it. 5 credit cards and a magnetically protected/sheathed ATM card in 2 pockets on the right.

Mine is black and it a bit different from this one from Gander Mountain . The hinge is on the long edge to keep cards inside and it has a snap to keep it closed. It doesn’t have the key or zip compartments or 3rd slot of this one, but otherwise the inside looks like the one at the link below. It has a leather-covered clip behind the right side and another ID pocket behind the left side. I bought mine on clearance at Gander Mountain for $10 or less IIRC.

Reflecting on all this, I’ll be looking again on Black Friday for a replacement (and probably again at clearance time) since I like it so much. I’ve had a lot of different versions, but the one I have is just about perfect for me.

PS - Lots of variations shown here.

For years I used Eel Skin wallets, they were very classy and very thin. Currently have a fat leather one, may have to go back to eelskin.

ebay wallet

I use this one: All Wallets – See All of Our Premium Nylon and Leather Wallets

Have tried All Ett’s sports wallet (rip-stop nylon) and this one (also rip-stop nylon). The outside id one is a bit larger but still so small you barely notice it being there. The nylon is a bit paperish until you used it for some time and then it becomes softer. I love it, its all I ever need in a wallet. Thin, simple, beatable.

i use this. they have different models but this one was skeletonized for weight.
it is so awesome!! it easily holds 30+bills and 5 cards day in and day out. ive had mine for probably a little over a year and it still will hold a single bill! also if i fold the bill in half it holds it so tight that i have to vigorously shake it while upside down for it to fall off. its kind of ridiculous how much memory titanium has.
the only downside is all of the finishes that they offer will eventually show cosmetic wear, but you can always learn how to stonewash it yourself or get it beadblasted. my friend that bought one after me took a torch to it and made patterns on the ti.

i easily recommend this over all the other suggestions, ive had many types of money clips, slim wallets made in leather and even those stupid aluminum ones but titanium wins.

s. in case anyone browses their site i dont recommend their carbon fiber clips. too brittle and the epoxy gelcoat scratches up way too easily.

I like this!

Wow! What a difference!

I carry my big skinny in my back pocket- so sit on it 8 hrs a day and its holding up well after a year and a half.

I've been wanting a new one to replace my aging tri-fold. The big skinny looks like the one I need. Thanks.

The passport holder is good too.