Cree changed production process for XP-G2 emitters!

Not exacly, some S2 1A- 0D are very good btw, my best C8 tops 190k mcds, the emitter inside S2 0D runs at 5 amps …the tint isnt good for hunting though but its gread for overall use, 5500k pure white after DD

Not good for hunters? How it looks dedomed?

XP-G2 S2 1A is very similar in tint to the king.

I am speaking of FT ones, they are like 0d or something, believe me i bought dozents of those, the tint is like 5500k pure white( after DDing), the former king has like 1000k lower tint

Yesterday i DDed 4 pcs, 2 of those run at 4.5 amps


Here, AR IOS glass were used, the difference can be seen even on the photo

Mitko if they are same XP-G2 S2 1A i ordered from KD they will be more than good for hunting. But yes… Maybe little more greenish dedomed (aspheric lights) in tint than old XP-G2 S4 2B

I like that tint. Really not to bad for hunting either.

Anyway to get back on topic: It seems Cree made larger dice or larger phosphor layer on newest XP-G2 emitters( i found that in S4 2B bin, Flashy Mike found that in S3 3D bin) which has negative influence on de domed versions like ugly green tint shift and lower output.


Mitko took another picture this is C8 host XP-G2 1A on the left and new f ducked xpg2s42b on the right

added in first post.

If someone can work out a successful dedome method for the 3rd gen Oslon, then the ‘crown’ may change hands. :crown:

Djozz said it can’t be done with gas or hot dedome. I used pry off method on Oslon 4715AS emitter and that worked. But it does not have phosphor layer it is IR 850NM emitter.

Maybe gas or thinner method Mitko suggested in this thread: A Perfect Dedome?

I gave it a go a couple of weeks back. I think it's worth another shot, maybe with slightly different methods.

Perhaps a cool 70CRI Nichia 219C would be a better candidate for dedoming than the Oslon Square? We just have to find a source for them, sofar I have just found 83CRI versions.

Anything that could be better or same in performance as good old XP-G2 S4 2B dedomed would be wonderful.

So far alternative to old king is his brother XP-G2 S2 1A as Mitko mentioned

But he also mentioned that FT sends them on a random base( whatever they got in the store) but some orders seems to be very good- plus the price is 1.2$ for 10+

Have you checked mtn’s stock if they are these you want ?

All stores could have bad (new) or good (old) XP-G2 s4 two bees

I am currently checking with 3Tronics

Wish this thread existed about six weeks ago.. DD one of my xpg2 s4's back then..

It is horrible. It's still in my uf602c as I can't be bothered to swap it out ATM. Green as the hulk.

Nice comparison man. You at least did not wasted over 100$ like I did :slight_smile: Don’t worry… Be happy :wink:

You’re going to need bigger reflectors to get the same throw with a larger die :frowning:

I feel your pain luminarium iaculator… That’s a lot of money to spend on what seems to be slightly inferior batches of xpg2s from Cree lately.

Maybe they are just trying to get us to buy xpl hi leds now.

We will see Djozz tests,

Maybe they really are better than old two bee but with domes on…

But if they are not better or even inferior to old 2B… Owners of this forum, store owners and We need to write serious complaint to CREE.

Heavy burden for Djozz… Djozz is like HKJ… Most trusted men in their field of testing… Respect guys…

But even if they are equal or if they pump more lumens(which is logical since it is bigger one) it can not change the fact that they are ugliest de domed emitter in a planet with lower lux intensity than old one…

XP-G2 S4 2B was not famous as domed emitter; Right? It was famous for it’s dedoming power and maximum lux performance?

And now?… Intensity is equal or lover than r5 bins of first generations of XP-G2’s with g damn Hulk tint.

~1 year ago:

Tint - CREEN :SICK: :cowboy_hat_face:

I am sorry for not seeing your thread earlier… This link goes to first post of this thread.

Now this conversation will starting to be even more interesting.

I thought I was the only one… But I am not!

Unfortunately, RS AU don’t have the Nichia’s, so I have another batch of Oslon’s on order for ‘round two’ of de-doming. :slight_smile: