Cree Led Torch at Lidl £4.99($8.00) U.K

2 Led torches that takes 1AA or 2 AA Only £4.99 Each ($8)

This seems like a good deal.

Which Cree LED? xp-c or XRE etc. I will tell you on Thursday.

Off to Lidl in the morning....

Here in Italy there are similar offer in the same day but not this flashlight! WHY!!!

On Monday 5/23 also available in Germany:

translation - seems to be either 2AA or 3AA and 1 Watt Cree with clicky...

Not available in Belgium, but on thursday they have a small Maglite (no further description, i don't think it is a led flashlight).

Vectrex and Hobbyfotograaf check out your lights when they arrive.

Don and I will be buying our lights. Vectrex let's hope we get XPG led , that would be good.

Hobbyfotograaf yours may be LED as well.

I am a bit sceptical that this is a good deal... 1 Watt Cree doesn't sound too promising ... even XR-E are promoted as 3W or 5W around here. I will take a look, but for ~$9.80 (6.99€) it has to be at least an XR-E. The 3 AA host might be suitable for modding though.

No freaking way. XR-E at best, probably p4.

I know Lidl and Aldi pretty well, since they are both German in origin but expanded heavily across Europe and even beyond that. Those "special offers" are not bad, but mostly standard stuff. At least they are out of alu and not plastic.

I bought 2 torches, compared to the costco torch I bought these are much better The threads could be better. Tried the 2xAA which 14500 works fine and still works with AA. Did not try with the 3x AA(same brightness as the 2x AA) Gave this back and swapped for another 2x AA.

3x AA torch XP-C led

2x AA torch XP-C led

I will buy 2 more, sold out in my local store. The reflector and lens are plastic.

Bought the last 2 at the Beckton store.

Sadly it seems my local store didn't get any :(

There was only one left when i got there yesterday. It was not the led version, so i did not buy it.

It was this one:

Does not work with 2 x 14500 driver burned otu.

Will have to mode.

Didn't buy the lights, but it would be interesting to see the internals. The plastic reflector and lens kept me from buying them. Do you have pics?

Next week we can buy these in Belgium, do you have some more info (type of led, brightness compared to other flashlights, pictures...)?