I hardly wait for your review :+1:

2 pc XD16 will fit perfectly on VR16S1. Up to 4 pcs in 4p config (scraping required). Not so with the VR16SP4….

E21A on VR16SP4 (rev. 2)

XD16 on VR16SP4

Zoomed in
The XD16 pads oversized the E21A pads by 0,17mm (at three sides), and the gaps is 0,3 mm as opposed to 0,2 mm with E21A. The board can be used but not a perfect match.

- Clemence

Please make single pad dtp board in classic size (17 and 20 mm). Even if it will not reach surface brightness(probably it will not but fingers crossed) of lets say old version XP-G2 it should be very good performer for single cell fet flashlight(especially aspherical version)
Hope someone will send them to Djozz for testing and of course with your DTP board.

Just regurgitating stuff here, but this was in a email from LpN this morning:

Cree Launches Industry’s First Extreme Density LED — LED professional - LED Lighting Technology, Application MagazineFREE+Information+Service&utm_campaign=47c4f03172-LED+professional+Newsletter%28LpN%29+Dec+15%2C+2017&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_ff8d2246a5-47c4f03172%5BLIST_EMAIL_ID%5D&ct=t%28LED+professional+Newsletter%28LpN%29+Dec+15%2C+2017%29&mc_cid=47c4f03172&mc_eid=%5BUNIQID%5D”:Cree Launches Industry’s First Extreme Density LED — LED professional - LED Lighting Technology, Application MagazineFREE+Information+Service&utm_campaign=47c4f03172-LED+professional+Newsletter%28LpN%29+Dec+15%2C+2017&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_ff8d2246a5-47c4f03172%5BLIST_EMAIL_ID%5D&ct=t%28LED+professional+Newsletter%28LpN%29+~~+Dec+15%2C+2017%29&mc_cid=47c4f03172&mc_eid=%5BUNIQID%5D

Hope this will be good led and bye bye to dedoming :slight_smile:

I saw similar comments when the XPL-HI was released. I think it will take a long time before dedoming is a thing of the past :slight_smile:


Than we will dedome it :slight_smile:

We just need to buy it but where?

I want to get my hands on some of these too!

For me personally dedoming did become a thing of the past with the Cree HI LEDs. I hate the tint shift with dedoming so for throw applications I only use the current HI LEDs. I don’t do 1000 meter throw lights though, it’s not my cup of tea. These new ones look real interesting though! Eager to try them out.

Available now here

Now we need to wait for mcpcbs to mount to.

Got my shipment from arrow. I’m making a board with 1.6mm thick copper. The two pieces will be adhered together with JB weld. It will be electrically insulated from the shelf with some kapton tape.

I will do lumen measurements on this one and put it in an X6 to do throw measurements. I then have a design for a 3x3 3V array. :laughing:

Could you use thermal tape to adhere your invention to the pill? Something like what Taskled use to stick there drivers down with.
Heres a link to Cutter for thermal tape.

Interesting, can’t wait to see the results. I have an mcpcb coming from Clemence to test these out myself at some point.

That tape looks pretty good, but I think I have a good plan. Instead of covering the whole surface with kapton tape, I’ll use just small strips to isolate the board from the shelf, leaving mostly air separating the two. The space will be filled with thermal paste. This kapton tape is 50 microns thick, so it will be just a bit thicker than a normal application of thermal paste.

I realize this is a bit old, but I got to pondering some of the newer emitters… how’d your testing go, EasyB?

Not sure if you saw my test thread here.

I had some success making the 3x3 array, but wasn’t able to make it reliable yet. It would be really cool to have 3x3 or 6x6 arrays, but they would be a ton of work to make and probably wouldn’t be reliable.

Well shoot, not sure how I missed that. Nice work! A bit disappointing results, but hey… not all LEDs can be homeruns for flashlight use.

From your images, would not the xd16 have a 19.5% higher lux in a 20 mm edc single 1850. Driven by a single amc7135 at 350mA, the xpl/xml typically only gets a near sighted 1100cd, not enough to bounce around in day working where detail and texture is important (cars, drywall, painting inside, etc.). The xpg might get something like double, say, 2200 cd. This is better, but not the ideal lux.

I would gladly take an extra %19.5, 429 lux, in an edc on a workday run-time setting.

I would bet the better output to throw balance would be the Xp-G2 S4 HE 180Lumens @ 350ma XPGBWT-BE-0000-00L50. However, I don’t see a single post at anyone testing these. It used to be people would drop these into lights and post the beamshots within a month of release. I am guessing since current has gotten so high, people’s camera’s don’t have time to get into focus before the battery runs out.

Given the fact that it does not have an isolated thermal pad, I would be concerned that over driving it may not be an option. Otherwise, could be interesting in the A and D bins.

The Virence boards for the E21A are thermally as good as a DTP board.
It was hoped that this led would outperform the dedomed XP-G2 as a thrower led, but even though the led was not tested by one of the BLF led testers, the few builds that are reported had disappointing throw.

Examples (thanks to the Search feature!)