CREE Q5 LED 3-MODE ebay is it a good buy ?

Hello guys Im interested in your thoughts on this light , it looks to be a very good buy at $ 17 Au delivered with 2 batts & chargers for a general purpose camp light , have you got one ? your thoughts ?

he does state on the listing " factory quoted 500 lumen but may be as low as 200 lumen " hes honest , I cant find a better buy for a general purpose light considering the extras that come with it at this price

will probably be closer to 2000mah......other than that it could be OK.

Looks a bit like yet another C8 clone with a charging port and side switch.

The lack of mid/low modes could make it less useful for camping though.

That torch (k8 I think) is a great thrower for the money. Have bought quite a few as gifts.

See for a couple of beamshots.

thanks for the link nice outdoors beamshots mazda , you seem quite happy with it so I will take the plunge @ $17 looks a bargain

I'd contact the seller and make sure the light has a glass lens and a aluminum reflector, I wouldn't buy if not.

The seller is one of the ebay traders I trust. He trades as 365Digital. I get my Sipik SK68 clones from him and he's the cheapest I can find them anywhere, about 8.11(USD) delivered.

indeed he's very good trustworthy seller I have purchased from him several fast service and his sk68's are an absolute bargain @$7.50 AU delivered

FocalPrice might be having a group buy on this Sipik SK68:

(The one from FP is a Q5 and it will take a 14500, though it gets hotter faster according to Customer Discussions.)

Quality-wise, does this flashlight compare well to the Sipik SK68 clones being sold by 365digital on eBay?

My bet is that the only difference is the name printed on it. Almost certainly they are both produced in the same factory. The one's from 365digital are robust. Left one of mine on by accident for 20 minutes with a newly charged 14500 in it in a warm jacket pocket it got but suffered no ill-effects whatsoever. Even still worked with AA's after that. I trust the clones from 365digital.