I got a light today that was advertised as having a “Model of Led: CREE T6 LED”
On the star it says CREE TZR XX which when I searched the CREE website says not found.
I was expecting an LB emitter so anyone have any ideas what this is

Your expectation became true. It is LB!

Mhh dat hollow pillow is so confortable to sleep on

See in the bottom left the “O” ring is on top of one of the star fins but under all the other fins or whatever they are called ?
Just searched the LB site & it is a XK not XX as I was reading it :FACEPALM:

This LB led screams more “refund” then lumes :smiley:

Excellent out put from the LB emitter “Lumen: 3000-5000 Lumens” & from a tail cap reading of just 1.40A on high.
Should give good run times & the colour is a lovely shade of cold cold white with a hint of blue with some lovely artifacts in the beam caused by the chips around the edge of the plastic lens & numerous bad scratches in it :wink:
Think I have a winner here :slight_smile:
Glad I got 2 as since ordering the seller has put the price up by 27p or 39 cents a light so I made a good saving there :slight_smile:

Could they have put any less aluminum in that light. Whats next painted cardboard and aluminum foil?

Don’t be fooled, THIS is a true TZR :

How many lumens is that :slight_smile:

It’s the “SportbikeFire” brand. 25k lumens, with genuine Cree! Comes standard with a VERY WARM tinted output!

Kenny Roberts would not approve.

Yeah, and they will be marketing it as premium exotic wood based light alloy composite :smiley:

Now that…. is a good one! :THUMBS-UP: …… Priceless!!! :wink: