Cree XHP70 up to 4022 Lumens and XHP50 up to 2546 lumens - Multi-die leds.

I didn’t know that the faceted reflectors were good at that. Thank you for corroborating that bit. Now I’m more motivated to pick up an XHP70.

As to the FCN13895_SEANNA-A… regardless of size, it’s a little expensive. ~$55 in QTY=1 at wherever (Mouser/Digikey/etc). Whew.

The Mirella is sized right, 50mm with the flange on top, 38mm with the flange cut off. 20mm tall. 17º viewing angle and only $4.11. Yeah, I’ll be trying this one out in a few days. :wink:

Edit: Wondering if a couple of Efest Purple 18350’s will get me 4000 lumens + from an Eagle Eye X6? :smiley:

I gathered the facet observations back in the days that I played with the MC-E and P7 quads.

The FCN13895_SEANNA-A is an expensive reflector, but appears to be a well engineered precision piece and complex to manufacture. As a sealed unit, the base could conceivably be epoxied into a small light with the rest of the reflector hanging way out there. I hope OL didnt read that. :smiley: Check out some of the data sheets the search engine finds on the XHP70. Many of the Bridgelux cobs that share the same reflectors kick the XHP70 at its own game. I didnt go any further, but they probably operate in the 24 or 36 or 52V range, so not very useful for our hobby.

While Im not getting too excited about the HXP’s, I am looking forward to more offerings from Cree and their competition that can withstand these higher heat ranges along with the claimed high maintenance values at those temps. The real advantages are in their ability to produce high lumens at higher operating temperatures, which equates to smaller/less costly/cheaper heat sinking solutions. For us, it means isolating the cells and driver to keep them cool while allowing the head to run much hotter than we typically allow them to now.

I just wish something cheap and revolutionary would come along to replace LED’s all together… with 4 times the lumens @ 1/4th the power requirements… with nearly no wasted heat. I imagine it will eventually happen, but it probably wont resemble an LED.

As an aside, I wonder what (if any) lumen increases the Olight SR96 might realize if the MK-R’s were swapped out for XHP70’s. I bet those shallow heavy OP reflectors would do well. Who has one to tear apart?? :bigsmile:

Man I can’t wait to get my hands on these…

Anybody know if they are available anywhere yet on copper sink pad?

At the moment there is just the aluminium MK-R Sinkpad, no copper one but apart from extreme builds, the aluminium one will work just as well. I do not know if it is for sale anywhere.

Perhaps intl-outdoor will come up with a Noctigon for this led at some point (Hank, please? ;-) )

20mm Star Full Copper PCB for Cree MKR Led in a single PCB configuration


I guess (hope) soon they will be offering the XHP70’s on that copper sink…

Except the shipping is higher than the cost of the stars. Even if you buy like 50 of them, it's still a very high shipping cost. It's just not possible for anyone outside of AUS.

Exactly. It may be somewhat less expensive to do the MOQ from SinkPAD, but still pricey for a single person doing only a few builds.

Instead, the determined individual might consider converting non-DTP copper boards to DTP. That’s nobody’s favorite activity, but it does work… Topledlight sells MK-R on copper MCPCB w/ MOQ=5, so $20/set of 5.

I hate Cutter for being unreachable for a plain close to broke flashaholic , while always having the right stuff ;-)

I have just received This but i don’t know if this MCPCB is DTP or not

I have some of the Cutter copper stars on the way along with a Fraen reflector for the XHP70.

Last night and today I built an Eagle Eye X6 mod with Wights PZL Zener modified and the XHP70 utilizing a modified Ledil Mirella reflector. It’s pulling 5.41A and making 3043 lumens on fresh cells, cells dropping rapidly of course. The Mirella reflector, even cut down to fit in the X6, does a very nice job of smoothing the beam for a soft center hot spot.

I put the emitter on a 16mm XM-L Noctigon.

Beam Shots or none of it happened!

Interesting that with the right reflector i can make a nice spot, but 3043 lumens was lower than expected i think, is it the 1630 that is limiting? i wonder what it would do direct drive? and if there would be any gain from that.
Was this with the new FET?

Cree MK-R on a Copper Star.

Might be the best low cost bet and reflow the leds off.

I intentionally kept amperage low with Wights A17PZL driver. It’s 7135 chip based with a single chip controlling moon. Makes it much more efficient at the bottom end than throttling full power down to sub lows.

I was expecting more lumens as well, I think it’s the short fluted looking reflector. I had to cut it down pretty far to get it to fit in the bezel. So it’s substantially shorter than the stock reflector and isn’t mirror finished nor is it orange peel.

I just tweaked it to get everything mated a little better and swapped out the 20ga leads for 22ga. I also washed the Mirella after all the filing and sanding. It’s showing 3184 now with the batteries not freshly charged. Of course it’s dimming immediately, the small Efest 18350’s CAN make good current but it’s like slicing their little throats! lol They’re only 700mAh cells.

I’ll get some pics of it sitting down in the Mirella, pretty neat, definitely different. Weather is clearing up so hopefully I can get some beam shots tonight.

Makes me wonder why there isn’t an equivalent reseller like Cutter based in the US or even here is Europe. Seems is one of the few I’ve come across over here and they’re not exactly on the cutting edge of new tech at the moment…gen1 XM-Ls on copper are still the cutting edge right? :stuck_out_tongue:
But surely if Australia can support a specialist electronics and lighting tech reseller like cutter then… where’s RMM when you guys need him! :wink:

Hank is unavailable for comment.

Now that you point it out, that is odd. Australia supports a lot of things one might be surprised at considering the population, but Cutter definitely sticks out when you put it like that.

Good Day LinusHofmann, and Wight,

You are missing the real reason.

All Aussie newborn are issued with a LED flashlight (we call it a torch) at birth, this is issued by the Aussie government, and it is branded with their name, DOB, & birth hospital's name.

Then every birthday these torches are updated to the latest LED technology.

And Cutter has the supply contract for the next 50 years.

Btw, this has enabled the Aussie population to greatly cut its carbon footprint, thanks to incandescent bulbs now being a banned possession...

Happy New Year!

Best Regards,



My torch has been updated 99 times already, & I have been informed that my 100th birthday upgrade will use 4 of Cree XHP70 LEDs.