Cree XHP70 up to 4022 Lumens and XHP50 up to 2546 lumens - Multi-die leds.

You expect us to believe this?

They implemented that in 1992. Ask any of the Aussie’s on here.

So they issue LED flashlights to each newborn and the government sends a new flashlight with the latest LEDs every year. They thought of this long before LED flashlights became commonplace and a baby has no use for a flashlight and even anticipated new generation of light bulbs coming out back when incandescent barely changed in a century…
In addition we have a 99 year old member who keeps up with every new flashlight development and is reminded yearly of the hospital he was born in, and expects a 4 LED flashlight from a government who constantly keeps track of any time he has moved in the last century and is willing to pay increasingly expensive prices to send flashlights to all its citizens on an annual basis :smiley: :bigsmile: :stuck_out_tongue: :party:
Someone has too many lumens rattling around inside their heads

On the plus side one country has actually implemented a good idea

Keen George is Irish.

Any relation to curious george?

Right, except that these are upgrades, not replacements. That’s an important differentiation.

Thanks for the link Bort. That’s really impressive.

I read that a few months ago (i couldn’t remember what country but google knows all), its a really good idea

I measured the X6 XHP70 on the lightbox at 3298 lumens before taking the picture.

I measured the X6 XP-L V5 2D on the lightbox at 3340 lumens before taking the picture.

Which is which?

The top one is the triple
More important, how much power did each take?

The XHP70 is on top in the shortened Ledil Mirella reflector pulling 5.43A for it’s 3298 lumens.

The XP-L V5 2D Triple with Ledil CUTE-3 is the second one, pulling 11.37A for it’s 3340 lumens.

If the XHP70 is double the voltage then the XHP is about equal efficiency?

Once the respective Vf is figured in…. that’s (maybe) around 36W for the XHP70 and maybe around 38W for the triple XP-L.

The XHP70 measured 6.1Vf at 5.02A before. So it should be ~6.5Vf at 5.43A.

Estimating the XP-L to be around 3.6Vf at 3.9A x 3 in the triple.

Wouldn’t that be closer to 35W vs 42W? At any rate, the XHP70 looks to be more efficient. Push it to 12A and it is impressive!

Hmm, you have a point. I made a mistake and used a Vf that was very likely too low for the XP-L emitters when I did that calculation.

It would make sense for the XHP70 to be more efficient than 3x XP-L if we assume that it has 33% more die area to take advantage of.

Do you guys think this reflector will work with the XHP70 to have a nice beam profile ?

It is 82mm wide and 50mm deep

It looks to shallow but the hybrid style with light orange peel at the outer might do well to smooth the beam. It probably wouldn’t be throwy at all, do you know what it’s designed to be used with?

Pulling numbers from other posts of yours, I found at one point, when running triple V6 2Cs at 12.7A off of a VTC5 you saw 4040lm. And at 7.3A from purple efest 18350s through an MTG2 you saw 3485lm.

So if I may, I’m going to make a table of your published X6 builds to help me keep things straight…

6V LED — ~4.6Wh available @ 5A from 2*Purple Efest 18350 (down to 6V total)

XHP70 - 3298lm - 5.43A @ 6.75V - 36.7W - 90lm/W - 7.5 min runtime - 412 lm*hrs

MTG2 - 3485lm - 7.3A @ 7.1V 51.8W 67lm/W - 5.3 min runtime - 308 lm*hrs

3V LED — ~8Wh available @ 12A from 1* VTC5 (down to 3V)

Triple V6 2C XP-L - 4040lm - 12.7A @ 3.8V - 48.3W - 84lm/W - 9.9 min runtime - 667lm*hrs

Triple V5 2D XP-L - 3340lm - 11.37A @ 3.65V - 41.5W - 80lm/W - 11.6 min runtime - 646lm*hrs

0:) I have problems… I know. But lm*hrs are a real unit! I swear! The unicorns told me…

I’ve also got a Quad XP-G2 S3 3C Eagle Eye X6 that does 2080 at start from a LG HE2 delivering 12.16A.

The Quad I built for Nitro uses de-domed XP-L V5 2D and pulls 14.49A for 3581 lumens at start.

I no longer have the MT-G2 up and running. Ixnayed it in favor of the triple XP-L.

I write all these down when I build them and then subsequently test them, but sometimes I lose myself with the notes. I should be organized enough to do spreadsheets but, alas, I am not. I DO have one, but it’s been forgotten for months. lol

Currently, I have 3 X6’s that I rotate EDC. The XHP70, Quad XP-G2 (which will soon become XP-L when I get the copper sink from Nitro) and Triple XP-L. To date, the Triple is still my favorite and the one that seems to get picked out of order in the rotation. :wink:

Edit: By the way, the run time thing is theoretical. It would last that long IF the cell could supply top current til it died. Of course we know that isn’t the case. The Triple XP-L V6 2C is in California doing bike duty in the mountains and runs for 30-60 minutes with cell left at the end. He only uses it on Turbo on the downhill run home.

I am aware of the theoretical nature of the values I posted. I believe the relative differences though would translate to reality though.

Now that reminds me… I was thinking, among all the data we have collected and continue to develop, one thing I’d like to see is “real world” battery testing. Lets take the most popular cells, and test them all DD on the most common emitters. It’d be nice to see the product of each LED’s Vf curve and batteries’ V vs Q curve plotted. I’d love to see how much more a Pani 3400 outlasts a 20R compared to their capacity ratio.