Cree XPH 50 LED

Good for throwers and floodies ?

The 6 Volt version is great for flashlights.

As far as I understand there is no 6V and 12V version, there is only one LED which you configure into 6V or 12V, which is really nice. 12V is very good for indoors.

A few weeks ago I have requested a sample, but I do not see a chance that the request is granted as a EU based flashlight amateur.

The XHP50 is a four-die led, that is certainly not good for throw, but I hope for a massive output.

Must have told them you are from the team that is making the solar bike lane, cause that is the biggest stuff right now, 3milion EURO investment in the 70meter lane.

LOL, I'm in the Netherlands and very environment-aware, and did not even hear of that project.

Hmm, it powers 3 households and costs 3 million euro's, that's 1 million per household. Something needs a little improvement there :-)

:) Little is a little word in that case.

You can find some talks and analysis on youtube, apparently the power generated is extremely low.