Creepy, Squirmy, Wiggly Creatures At Night

What creatures do you have to watch out for in your neck of the woods when you step out of your place at night? Here nothing really dangerous except maybe a Black Widow. But then again you kinda have to go looking for them if they’re even around. I’ve come across some raccoons and skunks but that’s about it :laughing:
I mean I did have an epic battle for 2 summers with honeyants trying to eat up the fruit tree. :slight_smile:

Things that are like badgers bit bigger and biteyer
The odd bear in the Forrest , Very rare to see bears , but they are about

Deer ticks!

Mainly just those who manage to rear up on their hind legs and walk more or less upright.

Here in Nevada, rattle snakes, scorpions, black and brow widows, the desert recluse spider and tarantulas. Mountain lions and brown bears are no fun to run into but I have only run across two bears and one mountain lion that where not happy to see me but that’s over 30 years of hiking in the Sierra Nevada’s. The packs of coyote’s has gotten way out of control in the last 10 years and they are becoming very brave and we have had two cases where they have grabbed small children that I know of. If you let your pets out at night there’s a good chance the coyote’s will get them.

Woah ticks! I remember all too well when I was vacationing in the tropics and coming across a tick the size of a jelly bean on a dog! It was alien.

you mean this guy

It’s crazy compared to the size they start off

We took a few off family dogs in the past and they are alien and like you say , the size of a jelly bean and ugly as hell

I had one of my arm once that only was just in and still only about 1mm big

We have the tick injection here and I had my final dose last year
We get a booster every few years now

Wow that’s what I call adrenaline hiking! :sunglasses: Hey do you carry a gun when you hike the Nevada’s?

Yes I do lol. I carry my Glock 35. You never forget running into an angry bear. all it takes is firing a round off into the side of the mountain or the ground and they run away. I would hate to shoot any animal and would only do so if I had absolutely no choice. I’m the invader while out in the mountains. I’m always hiking of the beaten path or fly fishing in some 7000+ foot elevation lake where there are all kinds of animals. It’s the mountain lions you have to watch out for, they are very sneaky but smell really bad. They give off a strong urine odor which makes your hair stand on end when you smell it. Nothing like being hunted lol. I use the Buffalo Bore +p round with 155 grain. 1300fps with 582 foot pounds of energy. I went to KKM barrel which is less then an hour from me and had a custom barrel fitted to handle the pressure of the round. I would not recommend shooting this ammo threw a stock barrel do to and most likely catastrophic failure. A normal 40 S&W round would just piss a bear off and I hate running with the thought of getting eaten lol.

Human beings. :-D

We have squirrels. They are not dangerous. Also the occasional fox, again, not dangerous. I once saw a badger. It ran away.

I like to go for walks on the trails behind my place at night. It’s amazing how much wildlife you can see at night, and with a flashlight they often won’t notice me if I’m quiet since they only see the light. I often see raccoons, rabbits, mice and other rodents. Seen a few owls and a coyote once. One of the owls swooped at me one night after I shined a light in his general direction for a few minutes. There’s a family of beavers living in the creek and I see them most nights and can hear them munching on sticks and branches just about every night.

Deer, lots of deer they close the parks off at night and have sharp shooters thin out the population. I have seen as many as 12 in my back yard at once. A Coyote once and awhile and Foxes here and there.
Its funny the Rabbit population is increasing right now; soon the Foxes will come and eat most of them. Then the Rabbits will come back in the fall and so will the Foxes.

Yeah if hiking I would get some sort of weapon for safety. Hey a nice strong green laser would be good to carry too. I mean they do scare birds when they see the laser. That’s how I scared the woodpeckers. They would land on my rooftop and peck away at the vent covers. Man for the longest time I thought it was the plumbing or something. You know, that low rumbling noise that’s plumbing pipes make sometimes because of pressure or something.

You all see quite a variety of wildlife too. One of my most memorable was when I had a big barn owl land 3’ from me on the fence. I was able to get real close and film her. :slight_smile:

Bat guano all over my car.
Berry-flavored bird poop also on my car.

I used to chase the kittens at my nephews when I get out of the car but the last time i did that, I realized almost too late it was a baby skunk.

Brown recluse spiders.
Bed bugs.
Deer ticks.

Piebald deer.

Raccoons climbed into the roof at my neighbors house.

Squirrel ripped open my screen door, ate my chocolate chip muffin on the kitchen table, ripped another hole to get back out, and my sister in law never noticed a thing and she was in the next room.

Coyotes & foxes.

I turned a corner right into a flock of turkey buzzards and one took off but lost the grip on the bloody carcass he ripped apart and dropped it on my windshield.

Ok I hafta ask , How do you know it is berry flavored?

Brown spiders,scorpions,tarantulas,fire ants and chiggers.

Haven't seen any diamond backs for a while sunning themselves on the blacktop in the morning sun.

Last summer carpenter ants moved in under the siding of my house, that was pricey to get rid of them. I’ll keep on top of it this year.
And lately we have these stink bugs entering inside the house, these critters are really annoying

You… tasted it?? :confounded:

Fire ants (their need for existence really, really needs to be questioned to the maker)
Eastern Diamondback
Pygmy rattler
Moccasins (live close enough to a permanent water source)
Mosquito’s (have had the pleasure of contracting a transmitted virus, chikungunya)