Crelant FIRESALE @ SBFlashlights 65% OFF

You guys know the drill :slight_smile: 65% off all our Crelant flashlights using code “CrelantClear”

Go Get em!

oh man, are you out of the 7G3CS? :_(

please PM me if you’ve got any left.

Thanks! Just snagged a 7G10!! :bigsmile:

Nice! In for 1 7G2CS.

Small budget right now, so this is cool. :slight_smile:


Thank you! My very first Crelant.

awesome price on that!

Yeah, GREAT price, awesome potential, I’m thinking 90cri XHP70! If Jubledum can tell me where he got his?

Wow, great offer. I bought one of each NW model. Thank you very much! :)

KawiBoy1428 wrote:

Yeah, GREAT price, awesome potential, I’m thinking 90cri XHP70! If Jubledum can tell me where he got his?

That is just what I was thinking for the past couple weeks with that OP reflector. Check out my mod thread on that light for some good info. Here is Jubledum's alert. I bought mine from there too after reading his alert.

COOL! Thanks!

Ordered a 7G2CS. It looks moddable, we'll see. Great deal for a quality light/host for sure. Thanks!

First Crelant for me, always liked the looks but never wanted to splurge. This deal made it easy!


Wow, this sale is still going? I would thought everything would have been snatched up at these prices. The 7G2CS is $17.47 after the discount, the 7G9 is like $45.50, and the 7G10 is $55.30.


For me, my budget is nearly blown. It’s not a set budget, but I’m starting to weigh each flashlight buy a little more carefully. I’m wanting to get a soldering station and a hot air rework station, so I’d rather spend on that at the moment.

But yeah, a little more than $17 for a Crelant - I don’t see why they’re not gone already.

Got my 7G2CS yesterday - nice quality light, thanks so much for the deal!


Did some output and mode tests on it and all seems to be working well and within the ballpark #'s. Think the box and manual said XM-L but it really is an XM-L2, so little better. It's very much an old style, over-sized model - lots of aluminum, similar to my 7G9, but also mean it should have great heat sinking for cranking up the amps, which is my plan anyway.

Under $20 for a light of this size with an AR lens, SS bezel and SS tail, both an e-switch and tail switch is fantastic!

Can't believe I totally missed your Shadow fire sale back in July 30th - I might have cleared your inventory in one order Wink, darn!

Very fast shipping and a nice solid light with a great ramping feature.
Thanks SBFlashlights!

It took me a little bit too long to decide and then the 7G2CS were all gone. Not a big fan of the design and I already have more pending mods than I can finish this year, but great deal nonetheless.

Got my 7G10 yesterday! Removed the bank of 4 R056 resistors and jumped with 18awg solder coated wire to double the out put easily on 4 vtc5’s I like the ramping/ memory feature UI too You can make it turn on H/L or L/H or just ramp up/down all you want. Double click for the hidden strobe/sos. It’s tore down completely now and it is extremely well built! Gonna be a KILLER MOD!! :bigsmile: XHP70FETDDMoppydrv! :wink:

Well done! Your resister delete + jumpers was with the stock driver and MT-G2? Before you put it together, can you please check the current going to the emitter with your DMM?

Also - there was no glue or Lock-Tite on the 7G10's bezel? Easy to tear down? My early version 7G9 was glued up pretty good.