CRKT Sharpener Help.

hi there I have a new CRKT mah5 folding knife and looking for a good enough sharpener for it, and maybe oil if needed. nano oil?.

UK sources.

thank you.

Have you looked at the Ken Onion Work Sharp?

Will sharpen just about any knife, tool, or thing you need sharpened. (I don’t have one but have used one, a single time. It is a fast way to destroy or make a knife sharp.)

I tested the Wicked Edge at a friends’ place and was blown away. Thing is, the cost doesn’t really work with my hobby budget, therefore I am planning on building one on my own.

Check the usual suspects forum, bladeforums and you’ll find the cool projects online. They are not that difficult to build.

If you want to buy one instead of building it I’d go with the Wicked Edge products or the Edge Pro (or clone).

The Spyderco sharpmaker is not my favorite, unfortunately.

Are you looking for a sharpener to stay at home or something compact for field sharpening?
Also, knowing your budget will help others when thinking of solutions for you

thanks, just a tool to keep at home. someone mentioned a Kuhn Sharpener.

would this be good, or two separate Torx Screwdrivers, and a sharpener ?.

if you want to ruin your knife you may buy it, useless piece of crap

Cheers Lexel, you’ve saved my ass!.

I don’t know anything about the sharpener’s mentioned above so I can only tell you what I use and get good results. My granddad was kind and patient enough to teach me how to work blades on old Arkansas stones. There are tons of videos on YouTube showing you the proper methods you can use to get a good working edge, shaving edge or anything in between with simple stones. I use a 500 grit diamond stone for bringing a blade back from not being treated kindly. I then have a 1000, 3000, and 6000 grit wet stones. No oil needed on those, just soak them in water for about 15 minutes and get to work making sure to keep the stone wet. A small spray bottle works great for that. I also have a few small surgical stones if I really need a super fine edge. I rarely use it though. I just keep my blades touched up with the 1000 and 3000 most of the time. If I get bored I will break out the 6000 but it really isn’t necessary for what I use knifes for.

You could probably put all those stones together for $30 or $40 if you find them on sale or search Amazon for some lightning deals.

That is just what I use because it works for me. You may not want to go that route, I understand. One of those powered devices might work for you just fine. I have never used one so I can’t speak for their quality of build or quality of edge they provide. They sure look cool though.

Get you a beater 5 dollar knife and get proficient with whatever method you choose.

I use an edge pro copy with a few tweaks.

plese report, review and post pictures if possible

have seen some that look not too bad

I spent several decades Hunting and skinning.(’70’s to late ’90’s)
Used all PUMA German knives. Great build and working steel.
At home I used stones. Then Eventually a “RUIXIN PRO”.
Chinese copy of “EDGEPRO” Professional sharpener.
Replacing the stones with Diamond plates.
Easy and does great job. Around 12/13 yrs old now and still good.
Teflon fishing reel oil on slide rod.

Oh. IF you a stone man; make sure you buy a “stone flattener stone”. ASK.
There’s NOTHING worse than a dished stone when trying to work an edge.
plus I made up a drink bottle with baby dummy to suit,coupla small holes in teat
so that when hanging above stone, gravity dripped water onto.
Helping to form the necessary “slurry” to work the steel in.
In the field. I carried/carry, a 3 in round, double sided Axe stone in sleeve
and presoaked in light oil.
along with a diamond 600 grit 6in flat bladed steel.
Skinning and field dressing up to Kangaroo and goat sizes.
This combo did me for up to one week trips.

Larger animals, Different knives plus Diamond plates in camp.
Oh and just use your leather pants belt for a strop, I wear a 2in one.

I bought a 1”x30” belt sander. Got 400, 600, 800, 1000 grit belts and a strop. Best knife sharpener I’ve ever had. Just have to have a good feel for it. Practice with the wife’s kitchen knives first.

Wife would kill me if I put any of hers or mine. Japanese kitchen knives
near one of those belt sanders.
4 knives = $1100+ USD and they NOT the expensive ones
They take the metal off your blades that quick.
Use Only on thick blade US/European blades if you want them to last long.

I use one of this type. An Edge Pro knock-off basically.

I replaced the sucker feet with better quality versions, bought a couple better quality stones , made a clamp for the blade and installed some big magnets under the blade shelf.

For re-profiling I go through something like 180, 800, 1500, 2000, 3000 grits and use light oil.
I also made a strop from a blank & piece of leather.
Cheap sharpening stones

Another cheap all metal version.

Original Edge Pro

Never had much success with the V type sharpeners such as the Spyderco Sharpmaker
or Lansky Crock Sticks

I know the “true” way to sharpen is to use the whetstones but surprisingly I never got the feel for it.
The mechanical sharpeners are great for consistent quick jobs but be careful and maybe the ceramic V rod types or fine diamond files for quick touch-ups but I do like the edge pro type best for a complete re-sharpen as it still requires some physical hand work and a little skill to use while keeping the proper angle if used correctly.

These types are absolute mince, don’t bother

Now I think about it, I haven’t sharpened a knife in a couple of years but here’s some.

I changed the chisel edge of the CS Black Talon II to a 15° double bevel.

I like using sharpening rods like chefs. Diamond if its too blunt then ceramic and honing steel.

Yeah they’re good too, uncle was a butcher, used them a lot.

The true way is the one that works best for you and the time you want to spend. Oh, money too. An electrician I used to work with could put an unbelievable edge on a knife with a piece of carbide he had got out of the machine shop and made a handle for. He made a steel out of a tungsten electrode from out TIG unit. He could do it with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth with just a few puffs and only cost a cup of coffee from the machine. That coffee would also remove grease too! I learned from an old timer with hardware store whet stones. Got some diamond “stones” and loved them. Lansky is nice but ended up cobbling my own Wicked Edge Edge Pro Lansky doohickey that I use to entertain myself with now. I LOVE knives and flashlights but I use mine. An edge is an edge as long as I can manage to cut my thumb I’m happy unless I just want to see what I can do.


Go to EBAY. and get a set of diamond grit plates to replace the “stones”.
Them, then a smooth diamond or ceramic steel. Magic.
This is for working knives.

I use the THK 6 x 2in Plates. set of 3. Coarse, fine, extra fine. (They fit carrier)
with a DMT 4.5 x 1in Super fine. Quality one, in own mount that fits slider.

I also have a coupla Super fine Water stones for polishing blades. (6/8/12000)
These bring my Japanese Aogami Blue steel knives up to chef quality edges.
IE split the hairs you shave off your arm. seriously.
Household use only. Usually a proper sharpen once a yr for wife’s blades.

Those plates really do make it a much better sharpener. with Teflon oil in slider block to smooth the strokes. Try them.

The wicked edge is nice. I have a KME and about $300 in stones, otherwise I’d switch to wicked edge. The Spyderco Sharpmaker is a simple device that is t expensive. Good for maintaining an edge, but not good for reprofiling or sharpening a butter knife edge.