CRX Brass War Armor Triple Light-er

stunning build, thanks for sharing it with us.

Can only concur with the above, that looks like a work of art :+1:

Outstanding and amazing work… the Ferro rod…. if you really need to start a fire…. slick :smiley:

wow dude! that’s awesome.

This is excellent, please message me with invoice :wink:

Straight up, I’ll pay $40 for this shipped to USA.
All right, $45!

Awesome build as always! :+1: :beer:

What is the black material that you use to hold those three reflectors?

I love it, What switches did you use,Did you use those little momentary switches I’ve seen in your other builds?

Two very small clickies for the red & UV and a 10mm omten reverse clicky for the main light.

How the hell can all that fit, can’t wait to see what you come up with next