CRX Brass War Armor Triple Light-er

War Armor Lighters. Nichia 219B primary emitter
OP reflector
10mm Glass
390nm 5mm UV secondary emitter
Deep Red 3mm tertiary emitter
Nanjg 3x7135 driver, Biscotti Firmware
Individually switched emitters
Ferrocerium rod switch plunger
200mAh Lipo Cell
GITD details
USB Rechargeable

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Wut. You should have your own company.

Please tell me you didn’t make this in like 1 day after seeing the ziplight post on reddit…

This is an amazing take on it.

Wow, incredible.

Pretty much yeah :innocent:
I’ve been wanting to do this build for a while with this lighter as it was just sitting doing nothing, saw the reminder the other day.

Well bravo, this might be my favorite of your smaller lights and i’m not even partial to zippo lighters or anything. Hope you get to bust out the red emitter when someone asks for light some time.

That would be so funny :smiling_imp:

Dude are you a Vampire —- Where do you find the time ——— :smiley:


Wow, Congratulation this is a marvellous piece of work :+1:

My first thought: In reference to the form factor it reminds me of the Spy 007 respectively the Niteye ZIP 20 TI

But your lighter is much more cooler :person_with_crown:

Nice as always. Especially like the UV secondary.

It’s not only state of the art. It’s the art itself. I can just imagine, within 50 years CRX’s flashlights are sold on auctions next to van Goghs paintings, Lenon’s vinyls and Einstein’s hand written calculations. You should open a museum!

Wow, that’s nice. Where does the line start to order one?

Once again, very nice. :+1:

For real! :money_mouth_face:

:slight_smile: :beer:

Don’t give him an ego, we want him to keep his ears.

I wanna hear about this when you do it CRX :laughing: Awesome build :+1:

Wow! Absolutely fantastic.

This is some James Bond, Q’s lab stuff. Pretty impressive