CRX Concept III - Carbon Fibre Powerbank COB Lantern

Built another carbon fibre piece, this time it’s a magnetic power bank lantern using a single 60mm warm white COB with a reverse clicky switch on top to go with the set.
I’ll get through that 600mm CF tube eventually :smiley:

I used a Panasonic 18650 PF in this with a charging board from FT and a 10 ohm resistor giving around 40lm from 110mA. Surprising how 40lm flood does you in the dark.


Carbon fibre set

Awesome job CRX .

superb !
i like the 360° COB one…

really good work

Another nice one! :sunglasses: :+1:

CRX are you trying to Intimidate the competition for the Annual OL summer Custom build contest?


Imitate, never.
Intimidate, maybe :smiley:

OOPS Sorry, dam spell check.

All fun :+1:

Again an awesome build!
Side note, how good are the charging board you use? You say cjeeap, so is it good?
Oh and i nominated you to host the OL build comp this year :wink:

Very nice CRX! I would love to get my hands on all your creations and test them out.

A trio to fall in love with. :heart_eyes:

Yeah we should have a meet in caledonia :slight_smile:

Should eventually be a quad set :wink:

Great builds and ever so useful! :slight_smile:

Thanks mate :wink: :+1:

You could sell a couple of hundreds just here and I would be one of the first buyer.


Cool, if I make any for sale they’ll probably show up here.