CRX Fritz Tiny Quad Pocket Rocket

I was sent this light, a Fritz Pocket Rocket stainless steel prototype for repair or to see what I could do with it.
It was originally a twisty switch QTC variable light which is a nice idea and had an interesting implementation but problematic for operation on such a small slippery fellow like this, plus there was a lot of damage to the system.
After some initial measurements I decided that I could make this into an electronic tail switch light, no easy feat with 57mm total length to play with.

I wanted to make the light a triple but the owner insisted on a quad setup :)

The original pill looked like it had been damaged & repaired a few times with burnt LEDs, slightly melted optic and plastic lens.

So I got to work...

A bit of a mess here so first I cleaned up the pill, soldered in a new copper shelf topside and 17mm driver retaining ring.

The original triple QTC pill setup.

Next, a 10mm hole drilled & filed in the tail to fit a 10mm x 6mm x 2mm ring magnet then a hand made copper electronic switch unit assembley to carry the switch signal to the head. Magnetic & titanium switch button.

The 6mm diameter flush button gives some balance between operation & accidental activation.

Onto the head, with a copper switch contact disc fixed onto the driver to meet with the copper switch bar when the light is screwed together, quad Samsung LH351D LEDs & Noctigon MCPCB setup, sanded down Carclo 10621 optic and aqua blue glow gasket with a MTN 17mm+1 D4 ramping E-Switch driver.Roughly fitted together.

I still have some work to do such as fix the body internals in place and some tidying up etc but just about there :THUMBS-UP:

CRX Fritz Quad LH351D Pocket Rocket - FET+1 - 18350 - Electronic Tail Sw - 2270lm.Samsung LH351D 5000K 90CRI emitters (SPHWHTL3DA0GF4RTS6)
Noctigon 20mm copper quad DTP MCPCB
Carclo 10621 quad optic
20.4mm x 1mm Sternkreuz glass
Cyan glow disc
Copper pill
MTN 17DDM FET+7135 driver
D4v2 ramping firmware
Electronic magnetic tail switch
Stainless steel body
Titanium switch button cover

Length - 57mm
Width - 23mm
Weight - 80g (with 18350 cell)
Max - 2270lm OTF

Comparison to the CRX Xanes XT01 SS Electronic side switch light.

It’s beautiful

You are some kind of talented. That is gorgeous! I wish there were some for sale.


How did you electrically isolate the Cu switch signal strip from the body?


Awesome. :slight_smile:

Dang, what a beauty! Nice work!

I do believe you’re the most talented modder here! Signed “The Knucklehead”.

I wouldn’t go that far but definitely in the top 100 :smiley: :+1:

In the top 100 there is one. I’d have to agree Gebe. :+1:

Very nice and awesome mod my friend. :+1: :beer:

If I lived in Scotland, CRX would be getting a lot of my money. :money_mouth_face:

Nice upgrade, another great CRX mod! And I agree it should be a triple.

You are a miracle worker CRX!

Btw, speaking of Fritz Quad, Fritz Quad Bold Font -


^ Looks a little familiar… such as, from The Village. :wink:

Viry narce :heart_eyes: