CRX KnuckleHead II

Cree XP-L2v5 HD 4000K
Noctigon MCPCB
Black oxidized
Magnetic tail
Twisty switch
Max - 300lm
Length – 37mm
Width – 19mm
Weight – 69g (With 10250 cell)

CRX Brass KnuckleHead I

CRX Brass KnuckleHead III

So cool! I really love it, would be great for pocket carry!

Very cool !

Sweet. What do you oxidize brass with to turn it black?

"Same time tomorrow, knuckleheads."

Very nice !
Oxidizing brass? Wow

Wow, I didn’t know those Veleno 10180’s could put out 2.5A current! Those Nukes are awesome too! Maybe I need to get a couple of those.

Really cool looking light!

I use birchwood casey brass black.


Yes they can but output drops like a rock, I don’t recommend stressing the 10180’s that much. The Nukes can handle it a lot better, great for their size.

Do you think it would be difficult putting Rey’s driver into this?

Not familiar with that driver, what size is it? You could definitely fit a 10mm driver in this one.

I thought it was 10mm, but now I have seen it’s bigger (AA light). But if 10mm would fit was what I wanted to know. Thanks.

Very nice indeed!!! :+1:

Very nice CRX! I like the black color and how small it is. And it won’t roll off the table like my Supfire M6 did last weekend.