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Does ML mean Medium Light? Is the purpose of those color glow gaskets purely decorative?

MoonLight mode. Yeah just to give an afterglow.
You can buy LED versions from Lexel for a more consistent glow but they require wiring.
Red 1mA.

Minus green filters can be installed between the glass & optic for altering the tint some. It’s a thin plastic film.

imo no

the glow from the gasket, when the light is off, makes it easy to find the light on my nightstand.

the glow has very little actual illumination distance… I do not feel it changes the CRI of the LED

I especially love my acqua blue color gaskets from CRX! Highly entertaining :slight_smile:

I can see the dim glow on my nightstand, in full darkness, even without precharging the glow gasket. Ambient daylight is sufficient to charge the gasket enough to be visible by the bed, in the dark.

Thanks gentlemen, I didn’t know about glow gasket and misunderstood its purpose. I though it was a kind of filter to alter the light tint

Is the glow permanent? does the glow gasket get power from the battery? Is this a similar design than some tail click button that has a led that glows weakly when the light is turned off? Sorry I saw a post somewhere for this design but don’t remember which flashlight model.

Nope, its just molded polymer that had glow-in-the-dark powder mixed in. Like watch lume or little GITD toys.

There are powered “aux LEDs” that can be a single or many different colors depending on their design. The newer Emisar and Fireflies lights have these, and Lexel (maybe others too) here sells boards so you can add them to other lights like the FW3A.

More info about glow gaskets:

Lexel LED aux boards:

but not constant brightness

the glow is charged by turning on the flashlight, but the glow is not battery powered

the highest brightness immediately after charging fades quickly (less than 1 minute)
but the residual dim glow remains sufficient to locate the light in the dark.

Even if I do not use the flashlight to charge the glow before bedtime, ambient light during the day, (iow leaving the light sitting on the nightstand 24/7) is enough to make the glow retain sufficient brightness to locate the light in the dark.

Just got my aqua gasket and tail cap from CRX. Fast delivery even amidst covid issue! Great quality. Great care and detail in packaging. Love it. Highly recommend CRX! Thanks CRX!

Interested in the clicky 10180 light! Can you PM me info about shipping to the U.S.??

Yes please on the Tec Accessories TEC-S323.

Is there a list of what is still available?

My guess is the first post gets updated as and when lights come and go.

Yes, that’s the case.

Wait these are available?


Following! Thank you

I got CRX’ beautifully modded Mini 08 today :smiley: :+1:

One of the lights I’d never part with. Thank you!

I got a CRX custom a few months ago you will not be disappointed

What is this? It's cool looking, but???

this is:

The Stratis Lumina