Anyone have any experience or comparison of these LEDs? —— Because it is really confusing having such “l o n g” and similar names……

International Outdoor store seem to offer CSLNM1 and CULPM1. Both offered in various torches and the CSLNM1 available as a LED only. The stats seem to suggest bigger CULPM1 offers over 1/3rd more lumens, but only 10% or under less throw. (I opted for the CULPM1 in a KR1).

Convoy also offer the CULPM1.

But I see some (Manker and Firefles) use the CULPM1 instead.

I’d love to know how the differences stack up between these emitters in the same host. Or what advantage/disadvantage the CULPM1 is over the CSLNM1. Such as:

-size of the beam
-spill beam size & brightness

Also, does anyone know what the max current is for each version?

Convoy have an 8amp driver. Fireflies a 6amp.

I’m personally using the CSLNM1 with a 5amp driver in aspheric host. But no idea really if I should be.

There also seems to be a CULPM1 but I’m not sure if anyone is using this.

There’s this thread that is focusing on Osram leds:

I guess you’ll find some good info there :wink:

Convoy and Emisar-Noctigon are offering lights with the CULPM1, and it’s very likely other brands have started using it in place of the CSLPM1 as well.

My experience is the the former has slightly warmer color temp, but the latter has a better (more rosy) tint. Especially noticeable on lower levels and much less so on high/turbo.

The U category are 4040 footprint which means better heat transfer -> lower temps -> more current at peak -> more lumens + more throw
Then you have N and M on the vertical axis:
N is the regular 1mm^2 white flat, which is the highest intensity LED that exist at the moment (aka most throw)
M is the larger 2mm^2 white flat, which has a bit less throw than the 1mm^2 one (due to more power and heat) but it outputs almost double the lumens.

So basically for the best throw performance you go with the far right column and choose whether you want more lumens (M) or maximum throw (N).

Are you sure? Because it clearly says thet P is the 2 mm^2 die.

Ok, so to spice it up a bit.

Two options:-

Option 1:

Direct from Convoy - L21A CULPM1 and 8amp driver = £34.22

Option 2:

L21A host with CSLNM1 5amp driver = £40

How would they compare in terms of beam size, throw and runtimes. 5 amps should, I guess give longer total runtimes. But will it also produce less heat and allow longer higher outputs? If is the extra money not worth any gains?

The cheaper option will be brighter, throw better with a bigger hotspot but it will also run hotter and for less time. You decide.

The thread MascaratumB linked to is worth a read. This thread may also help.