Custom high power spotlight

Hi guys i would share with you my experience. I have realized two spotlights for my Jeep installed on the front bumper , each one is composed as follow:

1x Bridgelux V13-B, driven at 2.4A for about 13000 lumen; lens Gaggione LLC66N7 FWHM 20.9°

1x Cree XHP50.2 HD (12V version) driven at 2.6A for about 3500 lumen; lens Gaggione LLC66N7 FWHM 8.9°

1x Cree XHP50.3 HI (12V version) driven at 2.6A for about 3300 lumen; lens Gaggione LLC66N7 FWHM 7° (not sure)

For a total raw lumen of 39600 lumen (two spotlights)

Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I made the housing with aluminum flat parts and i add an heatsink in the rear. To control the temperature i use two NTC thermistor. In the following some photos of the realized units. Every comment or suggestion is welcome!!

Thats a solid build dude. What drivers did you use? Can you turn on the bridgelux separately from the two xhp50’s?

Thanks! I relized homade boost converters, one for the four XHP connected in series and other two converters one for each COB (my car voltage is 24V). Yes i can turn on the separtely the COB for flod light and the XHPs for spot. Maybe the light from the XHPs with this lens is far too spot

XHP50.3 ? Where did you get them from?

do yu have any beam shots?

X Skylight: I have corrected the description, the HD are 50.2 while the HI are 50.3 from Cutter.
X welight: not yet, but i will do it ASAP

Some shoots of the lamp, the camera was set with fixed parameters( aperture, exposure, etc…)

Car headlights:


Only XHP:


XHP+ Bridgelux:


Just thought I’d add your images side by side so everyone could see your results.
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