Custom MCPCBs, Copper direct thermal path, SMALL BATCHES!

Hey all,

I found new manufacturer we can get quality boards made in small batches. I hope this helps forward some more great BLF projects!

Let me know if you guys get anything made :slight_smile:

If you want some of the 16mm XHP70 boards I had made here is the link for that.

EDIT: I just found the thread where this company started. Sundy is a member.

Very exciting, Matt. And complements on the great video.

Now you have me thinking about project ideas……

Be interesting to see what the “mod pros” come up with!

Awesome, thank you for the video! And thank you very much for publishing your manufacturer :slight_smile: It’s good to know that they’ll also produce small quantities.
Does actually someone have any experience with these guys: Thermal pad mcpcb for Flashlight Since they offer kind of the same.

Thermal pad dont have dielectric layer under it, not mask.
What is about height level of thermal pad? Is top of this layer flat to the mask or it is similar to sinkpads and cutter boards?

They are like sinkpads or Tpads. There is about a 0.001-0.002” counter sink.

Hah, but they are saying that they use substrate conduction so dtp area is flat to mask layer:

I have always been curious about making the flashlight driver out of a copper core PCB.

I too have considered something similar. I was thinking about having a batch of light engines built on copper. Where the components from a FET driver and the set of LEDs were on there.

Same here, kind of like the ones Lux-RC makes. But I think it would be hard to find components small enough. But a 20mm board with some AMC7135s should certainly be possible.

Copper core? What preferenced do you expect if 20mm alu non-dtp board can simply transfer 6-9 watt with small temperature difference?
Simple engines with 7135 already exist: [project] budget XP-*/Nichia module with up to 8 AMC7135 on a board

That’s true, but maybe with an Attiny in QFN package or something like that :smiley:

As a FYI, with a different order I received as a gift a couple of the DTP boards from the same manufacturer (Kerui) that the VOB is mentioning in the OP, but mine are 20mm XM-stars instead of 16mm XHP70, and I sawed one in half and made a few pictures. The DTP-pad looks nicely raised to the electrical path level :slight_smile:

I’m curious what would be the benefit of this? Just to save length of the light?

Thanks djozz.


In my case the benefit would be ease of assembly. If I were to do it I would make them on the 32mm 3x boards that my maglite dropins use. This would cut assembly time, and also reduce machining time on the housings. No driver slot in the bottom would be needed.


For one thing, true thermal step-down would work more reliably, I’d guess. All the heat would be in one place, and the driver could read that. Also, if the traces were made wide enough and thick enough, you’d be shaving some resistance that would normally be introduced in the path from driver trace -> solder -> wire -> solder -> LED trace. It could be instead a solid copper trace from driver to LED, and potentially a shorter path as well.

Nice job of sectioning, djozz!

Wouldn’t heat management become a concern for the integrated PCB components, at higher output levels?


(and yes, all such modules including 30W are made on non-dtp alu board.)