Custom sinkpad pcb for LED flashlighting

SinkPAD PCB is a special type of metal core PCB( MCPCB ),
The LED sink heat pad solder direct to the metal substrate,
Also,it is called Thermal pad MCPCB,direct thermal path mcpcb.


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Is this what enthusiasts refer to as DTP (direct thermal path) or is it different in some way?

Same thing, advertised under a company proprietary name™

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Can it be custom made to a specific diameter or number of LEDS?

You can order aluminum pads own design at JLCPCB cheap.

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You mean DTP aluminum or just aluminum in place of fr4.

They advertised as DTP. Cant find it now.

jlcpcb allows for “direct heatsink” only with copper core PCBs, no such option for ALU core PCBs. Might have existed in the past, I do not know. Only noticed the copper DTP after your commend tbh…

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