Cut Down Shorty 1C Maglite or 1 26650 I mean

Ok, I've never touched or used a "C" Maglite before, so it will be a new experience.

I started out with a 2C maglite and wanted to make it a shorty. I figured the only way to do that was with a 26650. The barrel will be bored to approximately 27mm ID. EDIT: Can't go 27mm, but I got it as large as the internal thread dimension for the tailcap. If it doesn't slide in the threaded area, then it doesn't matter if it slides in the rest of the way.

Here's a couple of photos of the work so far.


I have cut down the barrel using the human lathe method. Here's how it looks in the hand.


Here's just the barrel. The joint line is hidden by the head.


In order to get it short as possible, I am going with the tailcap switch again, only this time it will be a McClicky, due to lack of room for a Judco.


Yes I do mess things up... Frequently... Good thing Textured paint will cover it completely.

I will sell this host when it's done,(I was informed it's spoken for already [Rich] ), only this time I will include a heatsink with it, (edit) but it will be a simple, plain undrilled heatsink. (In other words, just a small hunk of rod stock). That's all for now. More later.

Well I decided to take care of that ugly mistake on the tailcap and did a little cosmetics along with it. Here's a couple photos. I think I'm done with the cosmetic end of it now.





Greased Lightning, files, sandpaper, steel wool polish and some time to do it all.

Rich - Will this Eye Candy satisfy your sweet tooth for a little while??Laughing

I won't get the switch till next week and when I do, I will try to give some details about how it goes in.


I got the switch together today for this 1C Mag. Here's a few photos of the assembly.


The components. McCkicky Switch with a different spring. I found that the spring out of the bulb of a Mag incan was the same diameter as the McClicky, so I switched them out. I had nothing else to use, so this is what will work. Also here is the plastic adapter for the switch and the copper ring that seats it all and acts as a ground ring for the McClicky.


This is the inside of the plastic bushing, where the McClicky fits in.


Spring in place and braid soldered on.


The copper bushing was cut off a 1/2" to 3/4" reducer and the shoulder is what you see. Then I used a 1/2" ring that was lying around to solder inside and it tightens up on the bottom McClicky contact plate.


That's how the switch will sit in.


The plastic bushing here is just to give some control ( a guide) for the long spring. Also you can just see how the copper bushing seats against the McClicky.


Crafstman deep sockets, gotta love them and the many uses for them. This one is used to seat the copper bushing (assembly) with a hammer. I wanted a good tight fit for conductivity. to the tailcap.


Last is this copper plate on the end of the spring. I believe Rich called it an anti-scratch plate and I know he would want one on this light.


Still a few small things to do here, like some epoxy to seal around the switch, but basically it's done and ready.

Cosmetic shots. - I still need to do some more polishing, but it's 99% done and so am I.





Oh, I have no patience and I needed to check some OAL figures using a 26650, well here's my 26650 - a 3/4" deep socket is the right length to simulate a 26650.

I'm done now, Rich, do you still want this thang?Wink

Great Old-Lumens, if you are including a heatsink I will keep an eye here as I am interested to get it.

Will it have room for a driver? If so, any diameter?

Taken Care of Thanks guys!!

Anyone close to me (Texas), got a 26650? that you would send to me, so I can make sure of the fit? I don't have any and don't want to own any. If you want to send one, I will turn it right back around to you in a day. I just need to physically try out the fit and make sure it will work in this modded barrel. Padded envelope should be cheap enough.

PM me if you are willing to.


i have always wondered How you join the pieces back together ??

Click on my youtube channel and watch the video on it. Basically you make the fit a “press fit” and it stays together. JB Weld can also be added to the joint. This thread shows more info

If you got the bore the same as the threaded area, the battery will fit.

I want this thang!


OL -

I'll send you a 26650, if you like. Shouldn't be that bad from Las Vegas.

Can I just use the return address on the 3D box?


Foy, I think Chicago X has already got it. Much appreciated. I will edit the other post.


More photos of the build in the first post

99% done, see here in this post.

Oh yeah!!! Let me know when to send the Paypal.


I am searching for the info if a 26650 fits in a c mag…
So how are you results or how is the inner diameter of the tube?

Will you be making anymore of these?