Cyansky P10 Impressions (1AA light)

I have been using this light for a week or so and here are my impressions.
This light was won in a giveaway, linked here:

Romisen RC-G2, Cyansky P10, Eneloop, Cyansky P10, Klarus P1A
All 1AA lights

It is a very bright light for being a 1AA light. Probably 200-300 lumens, though i don’t have the ability to test the lumen output. I would be interested to know the result if someone else tests it. It does appear to be at least twice the brightness of the other two lights pictured above (100 lumens-ish).

The P10 is a forward clicky meaning you can get momentary on without a full click and can select the mode you want before full click. With this light all you usually need is high since it can’t tailstand.

On high it steps down after about 4 minutes but can be popped back to high until the battery is empty. It may be temperature regulated, but when holding it in your hand it never gets hot, when “tailstanding” in an 18650 battery holder it gets fairly warm.

The bezel is not crenellated, thus if on its head you can’t tell if it was left on.
It opens at head and not the tail, thus it is more likely for muggles to insert battery incorrectly. I have not tested if it has reverse polarity protection.

I’m not sure what the CRI is, i don’t think its high a CRI LED chip.

I’m not a fan of clips so i removed it right away on the green one, took some anodizing off with it. I tried wedging some plastic in before i removed it from the red light but still lost some anodization. It might be a nice idea to not preinstall the clip at the factory.

The lanyard attaches to the clip so if you remove it there is no way to attach the included lanyard.

Size comparison to 21700 battery and 18650 battery. Interestingly the head is almost the exact width of the 18650 battery (excepting the flaring at the bottom of the head).

The CE marking is missing on the red light. Frankly the light looks better without it though i assume it is also CE compliant.

The story of the green Cyansky P10:
It was the first one i was sent, it has a defective switch. It worked a few times then stopped working. Then a few days later worked a few times, then stopped working again, then later on worked again. This pattern perpetually repeats.

Cyansky was nice enough to send me a replacement light (the red one).

Sometimes even when it won’t work when clicked you can get it to work forward clicking but then turns off once you get to a full click or release the holding it down hard that sometimes makes it work. Not sure what this means as to what the defect is?

The back of the head.

After getting the second light i realized i could use the green one as a twisty light, when the switch works leave it on and use the head to operate it. You can even change modes this way. Though i have to remind myself not to accidentally use the switch.

I can’t figure out how to remove the switch to replace it (not that i have a replacement handy). I tried pressing hard on the switch with no battery present to get it out but that didn’t work. My phone camera is not good at getting a down the tube pic thats legible but it does not appear to be screwed in.

Overall the Cyansky P10 is an interesting no nonsense light with good output on a 1AA battery. It will not accept 14500s, but then again i don't use them anyways. It would make a very good light for stashing in the car and in small spaces and runs great on rechargeable NiMH batteries.

Its very small size is an interesting feature.

If i have more new impressions in the near future i will add them below.

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Reserved (like we used to do on the old forum).

I’ll add some numbers here when i get them from testing.

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Nice flashlight, thanks man !

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Thanks for your impressions! :+1:

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Thanks :slight_smile:
I realized i forgot to add a summary so its now added.

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zeroair tested it recently if you want to have a look at output.

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New review, your link says March 16th so just yesterday. They beat me to the punch!
265 lumens at 30 secs makes sense.

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That’s a lot of lumens for a AA flashlight! :sunglasses:

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It is but interestingly the light does not get hot. I guess because “for an AA light”
When handheld the head does not get hot.
When tailstanded in an 18650 holder it gets pretty warm but not what you feel in a 18650 or 21700 that is temperature regulated.
In fact i can’t be sure this light even has temperature regulation, though i suppose i could put in in a blanket on maximum and see what happens (though after a few minutes the output cuts anyways).

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Nice review Bort!

I think you need to remove the switch by pushing it thru the body and out the back of the tail. It appears the ring around the tailcap is what keeps it in place.

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I suspected thats a friction ring and tried to peel it out but didn’t have much luck with a long fingernail.
I might in the future go with something more scratchy.

I also was not able to claw out the rubber boot.

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so your eyes are very accurate on the output estimate! :+1:

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Indeed :smiley:
I have compared lumens of modes and ceiling bounces so many times that i have developed a 6th sense :innocent:

I do some disaster preparedness so i compare output to runtime and figure out what lights on what modes would give me how many hours in a power outage which also helps with comparing outputs.

My go to lights in an outage would probably be the Moon RC2 and Wurkkos WK30 on mode 2 (which also has a great tint).

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Am I correctly understanding that the light is not well-suited to nimh? It looked from zero’s review that it cut off at a rather high voltage for nimh

I tried to empty a battery on it and after 4 hours it was still going. Then it was bedtime.
When i recharged it, it was 75% drained.

That said it only holds full brightness for a few minutes.

I am waiting for more nighttime hours so i can run a full battery test (daylight screws up the phone’s lux sensor in my “integrating” china cabinet). Should be in the next few days.

As i never use Alkalines unless i have to i’ve only run it on NiMH so far and no complaints yet. Both included Alkalines are still in their shrinkwrap.

I did another test, fully charged Eneloop, this time 6 hours of runtime, still going (but very low, less than low on a fully charged battery)
This time about 85% drained.

Still can’t seem to kill this light, gonna try again.