Cyberport888 -Ebay seller is solid and ships FAST

Cyberport888 -an Ebay seller is very very good and deserves their top Ebay seller Rating IMO.

They ship in 1 or 2 days after auction- I got a good torch that was a Saik Sa9 Cree Q5 and it IS.

Travel Charger came with it- nothing great but same as one pictured and is 600 mw and can fit the taller Redilast 2900 mah batteries, and only gets very slightly warm.

Two weeks shipping to Florida after payment !

One of the included Blue Ultrafires was a dud- just got a replacement battery today free shipped Oct.26 and today is November 10.

Bid with confidence with this Seller.


go_market and cwtco are the same organisation as cyberport888, so it goes for all three.

I would agree, great experience buying from them.

I bought my X9 from them. It was a good one driven @2.6A and I got it fast.

Recently received a Keygos KE5 from them, a month ago got a generic K5 flashlight. Both items received about 2 weeks after ordering.

Will buy from them again

I've received everything less than 10 days, however, my X9 is only driven at ~1.70A. They definitely get high marks for shipping.

Secarob, I also got a generic K5 flashlight with Q5..did you get it through"auction" or "buy it now"?

Also from cyberport888!

I bought some lights from them and had a smooth transaction all the time.

I have 2 flashlights from him.

Good seller.....and most Trustfire flashlights are cheaper than DX/KD/MF/...

$8.12 at auction. Honestly I was blown away at how well it throws - every bit as good if not better than either of my Skylines. Well worth a look

Agree! Ship fast & good communications as well!

I bought about 5-6 flashlights in the last 6-7 month of the go_market/cyberport888 and everything works fine. The delivery time to Germany was about 2,5 weeks and the communication was really good.

I paid on Oct 31 for my second torch a little Trustfire 801 and I told them that one of the Blue Ultrafires with first order was bad, so the order came on Nov.12.

They shipped me an extra Blue Ultrafire, then 2 extra ones with this order, but I prefer the premium batteries.

18650s are kind of cool-they all perform differently it seems.

I asked them if they could on a new order find me a Saik Sa9 that runs real hot like 1.5 amps on 18650 or even very hot to the touch on high mode ( if they're non technical)- they haven't responded yet.

I figure if the Saik throws really far at .85 amps on high and just gets warm- it might throw really, really far at 1.5 or so amps- and there's a few other Cree 5 Overdrives, other models I read about on here that are 1.7 amps!

I have made several orders with both of them and they respond very quickly and your order is shipped right away. Thumbs up for these two sellers...

For some reason I can never get these seller’s pics to load (tried past entire week). They barely start loading and seems their pic server is ‘overwhelmed’. I tried with both Firefox & Goggle Chrome, same result. Anyone else experiencing this?

Yes, it's crazy slow, will take about 10 minutes to see all pictures :D

I'm still waiting just for ONE pic to fully load so I can check it's file size. They appear to have a serving host at, and that site shows "Under Construction" on main page. Quite possible they are serving too large of file size uncompressed pics which would be slooow & counter-productive.

I hope these guys are good, because I ordered a boatload of flashlights over the weekend - before seeing this thread. Mostly super-budget AAA and AA MXDLs for gifts, but also a Skyray SR-5 XML with (2) 18650 batteries and charger for the princely sum of $21.50 shipped. Good to hear they might show up sooner than expected.

This seller has auctions running almost non-stop.

Edit: HOLY COW these guys are fast! Delivered in 10 days to Maryland, USA. That's got to be a record.

redlog is one of them is