Da Burgh Blaster

Well this is what I've been working on for the past couple weeks. Named after where I live . First off the hosts are a couple of spotlights I got at a local auto parts store. Swapped in a 100W HID ballast with an output 10,000 lumens! so it resulted in this. one is powerby a 3s8p 18650 pack and the other is externally power by a 3s16p 18650 pack. Reflectors are 8.75in diameter. Project cost me about $200 .

Here are both of them compared to a KD C8 XML

Here you can see the switch with a safety cover ,also you can see the ballast on the belly of the beast

Other Side

Hopefully I can get some beamshots this week
Couple quick snaps

...and I thought the Olight SR90 was a beast!

That is one big flashlight! :O

Is that your new edc?

You could shave in that reflector. Who is that in the yellow shirt?

That's his wife saying, "are you going to move those cannons so I can get some shut-eye or keep on trying for the 'perfect' shot?"


lol , that is me in the yellow shirt . No wife yet

"Beamshots" "Beam" being the operative word. Man, those HIDs can put some light on sumpin a fer piece away.


A Polarion!? Thats alot of money !

Yeah, that's why I will never own one but a set-up like yours is something might happen one day>


Haha awesome shots of the beam shooting into the sky :)

If theres a cloudy night , I might try for some cloud bounce shots

hehe, better take 3 overlapping sunglasses when use this light :)


Nice! Wish i had the money to make one :d