Damaged but still good?

Hey Guys,

I dropped one of my NiMh 'D' Cells and dinged it a bit-

Should I be concerned, or is it okay to keep using it (as is or in need of minor repair)?

I'd hate to trash it or replace it, so expensive....


I would not worry about it unless it starts to behave funny. Like getting hot or not taking s charge.

I would not know if it got hot in the flashlight (2D MagLite), but I would if it's in the charger-

I charged it to full this afternoon, its' first charging in awhile-

I'll keep my eyes on those two things-


Yeah NiMH won’t go nuclear the same way a LiCo will or anything like that but I would still keep a close eye on it regardless since you don’t want it bursting into flames while charging, etc.

Thanks, I really don't want to have to buy another pair of the$e...

I wouldn’t worry about it. Its not anywhere critical.

I had a bad experience with imedion so I avoid them now.

I like the odec brand D and c cells. I have 16 of the aa I’ve ran through the ringer and still hold up well. But for aa aaa I just get eneloop rewrapped duracells from Walmart for $8/4 pack