Damascus blade - another impulse buy

While I'm surfing for hockey scores on the web, I somehow ended up on Aliexpress looking at knives. One in particular catches my eye and the next think I know I'm putting in my CC info. CRAAAP~!

Something about this Damascus blade that I love. Anyways this was a cheapy and will probably end up sitting on the wall looking pretty.

Anyone else like the Damascus blades? Let see what you got? It's show & tell time!

That has to be the first bone look metal bolster I've ever seen. I do love the look of Damascus and I have finished off a couple of Damascus blade knives. I would love to buy some blades made in the US and finish them off, but they are so darned expensive that I always end up with the made in somewhere kind and the metals used are poor quality.

Beautiful knives though. We need a Damascus look flashlight.

Oh, here's a link for you, for more Damascus.

Damn straight! I'd be the first one in line.

Thanks for the link.


Lookilooki. :)


Time for Old Lumens to mod a flashlight to give it the Damascus look? :bigsmile: