Damn reflexes

Wanted to trim down a tailcap button with my razorsharp Leatherman Charge on a cork underlayer, when done I managed to push everything of the edge and in a reflex I closed my legs to catch the stuff, guess where there blade went? 4 stitches later there is the fixed tailcap. Glad the blade went in the leg....

Be careful.

I know from experience never to use an exacto to trim anything towards me, but it never fails, that's exactly what I do every time and every time I cut myself.

I never carry a sharp knife for fear I will kill myself taking it out of my pocket.

Wow, glad you're alright!

So how do you like the Charge? I've been meaning to pick up a good multitool. :D

The Charge is one of the best tools I can think of, nice sharp blades for example :-)

My heart rate doubled reading your post. Glad the family jewels are intact.

Me too

My advice:

rather drop it than lose it :-)

Glad it wasn't worse.

That's like trying to catch a dropped soldering iron. You have to turn off the reflex somehow. Glad you're (sort of) okay. There are some substantial arteries in that same area.

One night I decided to sharp, clean and oil some victorinox classics and victorinox explorers I got from ebay... I managed to cut my fingers three times with three different classics and then, while moving the - still fully opened - explorers, I dropped one of them with the point of the blade onto my - "damn reflexes" activated - knee, and sliced it open... yes, it also made a hole at my pants... I don't know what my wife's first thought was when she heard me go "AAAAARGH" four times while in the bathroom and then stepped out bleeding and cursing...

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