Dark mode

Is there any plan to implement Dark mode on BudgetLightForum?

I use this to make it all Dark Mode.

Thank you! Dark Reader also works with Vivaldi a Chrome based browser that I think works smoother, with better mouse gestures etc.

You`re welcome. :smiley:

Personally i think the pages look a lot friendlier and easier on the old eyeball in dark mode.

I also use DimScreen to easily adjust screen brightness with “ctrl” + “+ / -”.

Thank you for sharing, i like it. :+1:

Stylus browser add-on and BLF After Dark theme:

I’ve been using SunSetScreen, during day, at night, all the time. the option adjust brightness and tint manually, I prefer it over F.Lux.

Yeah Stylus is good. It’s to bad stylish.com is owned spyware company that ruined Stylish and continues to trash the site.

Midnight Lizard is like dark mode enhanced, it attempts to keep original color theme and only darkens it and darkens images instead of inverting them. There’s a ton of configurable options, if you need that. the downside is it it runs a little heavy on big pages.

Since Stylus is a separate add-on, who cares about stylish anymore?

I wish there was something to use with Chrome on Android. Google does not allow add-ons on Android.

There is Yandex browser which allows the use of Chrome add-ons on Android; but I prefer to stick with Chrome.

Oops typo, I was referring to userstyles.org which is owned by Stylish (aka SimilarWeb) and is still the major repo for user styles.

Vivaldi for Windows 10 supports Chrome add-ons. It’s my main Windows browser using same engine as Chrome, configurable in all ways, supporting themes/skins, can enable/disable flash, good password manager, feels much smoother than Chrome, very advanced. Maybe you can try Vivaldi for Android to see if add-ons work with it. Will be released later this year -> Vivaldi for Android. Get notified when it’s ready

Another nice feature. I accidental closed Vivaldi, had just finished this text ready to post it. Thought I had lost it and had to retype everything. Just restarted the browser, all open tabs were reloaded and the text was still there. This also works when accidentally closing a tab, by using the closed tabs list.

Edit: Forgot to say. Even Vivaldi uses same engine as Chrome, it doesn’t collect user data, like Chrome does, sending it to Google.

thx for dark reader :sunglasses:

Thanks. Sounds interesting.

Vivaldi for Android is now available, alas no support for extensions.

I think I will start using Firefox on my Android tablet to get the BLF Dark Theme.