Darth How do you remove the driver?

Just like the subject line says. How do you remove the driver from a Darth. I have it sitting here and want to just unscrew it but something tells me not to. Thanks for any help.

Just un-do the screws and then lever out the driver with a sharp pointy thing!

What have you got planned for the Darth?

Mine doesn’t have screws. It has two holes like it screws in. I turned it maybe a quarter inch and now the darn thing doesn’t work so I HAVE to take it apart. :~

Edit: Sorry. I forgot it had screws and I took them and the ring out earlier. Got it now. Thanks for the help!

Ah ha! It just popped out. I wanted to jumper the sense resistors, but it doesn’t work at all at the moment. I’m thinking I didn’t get it lined up right with the Hall sensors.

The Darth I had a while back, had a metal ring for a negative contact. This had two screws that held the driver in. Once this ring was removed, the driver could be levered out. Maybe the design has changed?

Does it look like this Review: Blackshadow Darth NW (3 x XM-L | 3 x 18650)?

Edit Glad you got it sorted, hope you get it working again :slight_smile:

I removed the sense resistors and put in jumpers. Then fixed a positive LED wire that broke while I was working on it. These are skinny little wires going to the LED. Put it back together with the driver rotated 180 degrees from last time and it fired right up. It picked up about 500 lumens from 1500 to about 2000 with the jumpered resistors. A real noticeable difference.

Ya, it’s just a straight little wire. I tried dragging a blob of solder over but it stuck up too high so I removed it and used the wire. I tried some beam shots last night but they didn’t turn out. Is there a tutorial for beam shots on here somewhere?