Darwin Awards 2018 first 2 candidates

2 thieves broke into a lighting power sub station to steal copper wire.


Bubba, cut those two thick copper lines right there ….Bzzzzzzzzzz

According to the police, the electricity caused their bodies to be fused together, and they were pronounced dead at the scene.

I think that only qualifies as one :open_mouth:

Any Liveleak footage? xD

Reminds me of the guy who climbed on the roof of a train, and fried instantly when his hand came close to the high-voltage line :FACEPALM:

don’t try it at home kids :open_mouth:

Hell yeah!!

play stupid games, win stupid prizes

During the scrap metal recycling push a few years back, paramedic friends told me how many calls they had for idiots trying to thieve.

I was shocked. There were a lot of them. Dopers mainly.

24,000 Volts…
Apparently it can weld people together…

The comments below the article are in perfect cue!!

Think how embarrassing the funeral will be when their loved ones have to explain why they’re buried in the same coffin

Meat that is touching when cooked will sometimes “fuse together” from the heat.

They will be tomb mates

It's been said, if you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, I forgot the rest.

Some friends bond for life.

Half price cremations- already prepped.

In the Netherlands a man got himself a giant firecracker (illegal mortar version) for the New Year celebration.
It consists of a pipe and a “bomb” with a fuse. The intention is to lower the bomb in the upright pipe and lite the fuse.
But this fuse was either too short or of a fast burning kind.
His wife and children witnessed the thing going off when his body still was in front of the pipe.
He will be buried in one coffin.

Na. This one calls for cremation. (They already started it.) Then just divide the ashes in half.

“Shocking” news :smiley:

Lesson learned: don’t mess with electricity unless electricity messes with you :THUMBS-UP:

Why does everyone assume these guys were doofuses stealing copper?

They might have been scientists doing a fusion experiment.

Just sayin’.

According to their school teachers, they weren’t bright sparks. How wrong they were.

I wonder if the locals thought someone was having a barbecue? Mmm, char grilled pork.

Right, they might have also been shouting this “Man and machine, power extreme” . :TIRED: