Date change upon edit

Look at the dates.

Hmm, thanks for posting this. I guess that’s the intended behavior, for the post date to reflect the latest revision date.

Also, I think that the old BLF code would send an “updated thread” email and set the “new posts” link to the edited post. The new BLF does not seem to do any kind of notifications when a post is edited… people are very likely to never know a post/thread has been edited.

Would it be possible to show last edited date underneath posts, like on some other forums?

Not the same issue, but I'm having problems with new posts vs. edited/updated posts, like when a post on the first page is edited (& edited repeatedly, like in a big 'for sale' thread that runs for a week or more), and there are new posts on page 2, the 'XX new' link takes you to the edited post on the first page, and resets all the 'new' flags on all subsequent pages.

Also, the links in notification emails don't take me to the new posts if they're on the second page of a thread. The link is missing the '?page=XX' so the link goes to the first post in the thread instead.