DavidEF's Entry for the 5th Annual Old Lumens Scratch Build Contest! -- Hand Made Category

I’m entering the Scratch Build contest again this year in the Hand Made category. Once again, I’m starting this thread not knowing exactly what I’ll build. But, I’m feeling like I want to try something bigger than my previous attempts. This year I’m actually in better shape as far as parts are concerned. I have some large reflectors, a few interesting emitter options, and plenty of drivers to choose from. I’m still not a fabricator. So my biggest challenge will be to come up with a host design that will be interesting and a bit unique, but still be within the scope of my very limited mechanical ability.

Here we go…

Update #1 (Sep 4, 2017)
I’m going to be using a LUM 5-90 reflector, and a de-domed SST-90 emitter, probably with a FET driver to get lots of power to the hungry, hungry Luminus LED. I don’t have anything for a host, so I thought I’d try my hand at rolling my own. Well, I mean, literally rolling a cone-shaped housing for the reflector, then joining it somehow to a piece of pipe for the cell(s). I found a website that will calculate and create the template, which one may then download as a PDF, and print in any size needed. They have templates for lots of different shapes. The one I’m using is the “cone” template, using a diameter greater than zero for the small end, so it’s more of a funnel. I’ve calculated and printed the template already. Next, I’ll need to transfer the template to a sheet of metal, and roll it up. Somehow, I’ve got to close the two edges together. I was thinking of going easy on myself, by leaving a little bit of a tab and using rivets to join it.

The LUM 5-90 I have here came from Dale. Their MOQ is 5 pieces, and he didn’t need that much, so he sold some of them and I got one. Those two paper cones are for my test fit. I got it right on the second try! Yep, it doesn’t look right with the “perspective” of the shot, but Cone #2 is the right size for my light! No big deal you say? Well, I thought it was cool.

This is the SST-90, for which I had previously made an aluminum spacer for a different project. I don’t know if the little aluminum spacer will stay for this project. Pay no attention to the large format heat sink. It certainly won’t be used here. It was just used for testing. :wink:

The side panels of these old computers are nice and flat and, I think, thin enough to roll into a cone. Alternatively, I could use this old HVAC duct changeover. What do you think?

This cheap riveting tool I’ve got may be the way I close up the cone. I might also use this to connect the cone to the battery tube, if I can figure out how to do so.

That’s it for now! Slow going again this year. :weary: But, hopefully I can pick up steam a little better than last year and end up with a nice flashlight that I can be proud to have designed myself and built from scratch!

Looking forward to whatever comes to the table David. :slight_smile:


Go for it!! :wink:

sub’d and looking fwd to see what you create.
Best to ya…

Good luck with your build, David! :beer:

Update in the OP. I’ve got some decisions made and a few of the materials gathered.

Its good to see a plan emerging David. :slight_smile:

Sounds like it will make some decent light :+1:

ps - pictures are not showing.

I see the images; looking forward to more :+1:

Um, hmmm… I don’t see the images myself now. Not even a placeholder! :open_mouth:

I gotta check this out… :expressionless:

EDIT: Is it better now? Does anyone still NOT see the images?

Pictures all good here.

Pics are there and I’m subscribed. Personally I am more impressed with people who do well with what they have on hand than with those who buy what they want to do a project :wink: So I like your approach already :+1:


how is this progressing looks interesting

Sorry guys. This hasn’t progressed very well. I got started rolling a cone for the head. And that’s where I stalled out. Lots of stuff has been interfering with my time. First of all, I started a new job the beginning of August (yeah, about the same time this contest started). I haven’t even really been participating at BLF nearly as much as before. Some people are surely happy about that. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah. I know. I haven’t even been keeping up with reading the other contest build threads because it makes me :frowning:

Sorry to hear about the time conflicts you experienced.