DC-Fix Diffusion Film Sale

How would you apply this one when it has no adhesive?

I just added some to a TackLife that I got. Pop the front glass, cut a disc exactly to that size but just a hair smaller if need be, and pin it against the glass with the reflector.

Obviously, it’s not gonna be a thrower anymore, but for heading into the basement/attic/barn/whatever, it’s about perfect.

^ That’s how I did it.

Excellent, thank you

I tried to remove the bezel on my SP40 but it’s way too tight, maybe they glued it

Mine was tight too, but not glued.

What worked for me was to use a large flat rubber band, like the kind that is used to bunch broccoli or other vegetables. I put the flat parts against the bezel to give my thumbs more grip to unscrew it (holding the light vertically, bezel facing me, left thumb pushing down on left side of bezel, right thumb pushing up on right side of bezel), and then it wasn’t bad. I used the same technique in the opposite direction for tightening the bezel when reassembling.

Btw, on my SP40 the bezel does not sit perfectly flush with the body of the flashlight. There is a very slight gap. Is that the case for others too? I think it was like that before adding the film, but I wondered if the added thickness could have had an effect. I’m a bit too lazy to remove the film and check for the gap again. :stuck_out_tongue: Hopefully it doesn’t affect the water resistance.

Hi experts,

Just learn about diffusion film thanks to your discussion in Review Sofirn SP40 Can you please help for some beginner’s questions?

Q1. What a diffusion film look like? Link to photos/videos?

Q2. How to use it? Reading in a few posts above it looks like there are two solutions: adhesive on the outside or disassemble the glass and put it inside.

Q3. Does the diffusion film has any influence on the color temperature?

Q4. Reading above, for Sofirn SP40, film #7 is the most suitable. What is the reason?

1) plastic sheets of variable thinkness and patterns

2) yes, or adhesive inside, or non adhesive outside if there is something to hold it, whatever suits best each cases.

2) look at my beamshots in the previous page, some lower the CCT a bit, especially #10 but also #13 and #14, all of the others too it seems to me, but it’s very faint (even on top of an already diffused beam, so not tricked by the uniformisation of the tint)

7) #7 is a strong diffuser (like #1), good if the goal is a floody headlamp, and thin, so good to go behind the glass

How big is the sheet? Like a “Letter size” paper? Or a same dimension as a post card?

Looks like film #7 is a good choice. Just for safe, I would like to attempt an adhesive version of that file #7, can you please suggest a model?

Sizes are given in the 1st post. #1 (dcfix) is adhesive and also a strong diffuser, I just put some on a h600fw on which I replaced the lens (by a clear one because I didn’t find frosted lenses), adhesive was needed because there is no space inside even for the 0.2mm thickness of #7 (or #1), it had to be put outside.

Can’t wait to receive my filter sheets!

Great pics that deserve a re-post . They can be clicked on twice to be made bigger & then bigger yet .. Thanks for these !!

Epic !

Thanks man! Received mine in the mail today , fast shipping and good communication. Will try a beamshot comparison on my zerbalight sc700d.

PM sent to you, Boaz. Thank you.

My camera is acting up ,but here is a after and before. Didn’t think there was this big of a difference in tint, definitely on smoothing out the hotspot, but the pics tell the truth.

I also got a special package from Boaz, and while I have no beamshots, I am quite pleased with the results. I put the original dcfix on an old thrunite t10 I use for a bedside light and it evened out the tint shift and smoothed the hot spot into the spill. I used some #7 on the inside of a s2+ 2700k convoy to flood things even more. Good stuff indeed, I just need to work on my cutting skills (even with trace around sockets and all).

Thanks for a great product and quick shipping Sir, I need to find a place to use the sheet of#5 thrown in for good measure. ;0)

My order arrived yesterday. Thank you, Boaz. Now I can smooth out the beams of my Malkoff dropins.

Sent PM, I would like to purchase some.

Got my film a few days ago and subsequently forgot to post beamshots……

My wife has a Cricut that we use for cutting vinyl and paper to do crafts and make shirts. Its basically a cheap consumer computer guided knife. It cuts perfect circles =D

Ive so far added DC-Fix #1 to my Acebeam H40 which did exactly what I wanted it to. It smoothed out and made the hotspot bigger.
I also ordered a sheet of regular Zircon minus green. That went in my green SST20 5K D4S (v1) and it made a HUGE difference in tint. Its a good bit rosy, I almost wish there was a less aggressive filter option but im just nitpicking.

Great stuff overall and Boaz was great to work with!

Thanks Nick ;

I appreciate the feedback

Nice to be able to kill off nasty green tints