DC-Fix Diffusion Film Sale

* Updated 11-01-22

Two - 3 " x 6" sheets of the "Famous Dc-Fix" only $3.50

Add $1.50 for extra sheets

.50 US shipping

+$1.50 - international shipping

Dc-fix will take a really bad beam and turn it into soft buttery smooth delight with amazingly low light loss (3.2% ) I've found myself using more and more diffuser film to soften artifacts, cancel out ugly rings and create a floody smooth beam. If you've wanted to try it ...

PM me with your address,..hit my paypal and I'll ship you some. Thanks !

- materials available are:

#1- The original Dc-fix single sided adhesive . 3% loss...Selfbuilt on CPF measured it at only 3% loss..Great stuff ****
#2- ///Same as #3 ///Single sided , fine frosted texture . produces a softly diffused beam yet still leaves softened hotspot .(identical to #3 ) Very good !!!! ****
#3- Single sided (pattern on just one side and smooth on the other) , pattern is a fine frosted . This film has the least amount of diffusion and still produces a softly diffused beam which leaves a bit of a hotspot .( used to be called 2c ) Very popular !!!! ****
#4- Fairly rigid. double sided ,non-adhesive, about the thickness of a playing card, can be used to make removable lens cap type diffusers****
#5- a non adhesive thin material that flattens out the beam so it can be positioned horizontally or vertically . my thoughts are use as a bike light to spread out the beam left and right and cutting off beam that needlessly blinds oncoming traffic.***
#6-///Sold out // non adhesive double sided pattern that is about twice as thick as Dc fix . flexible ****
#7- Non adhesive double sided very fine frosting similar to #2 or #3 but more flexible .works great 4 stars****
#8- Thickness is close to #4 no adhesive,two sided (pattern on both sides) a little bit better than original # 4.****
#9- " " Same but different /two sided non adhesive " " " .... ****
#10- Same but different /two sided non adhesive " " " .... ****
#11- Same but different /two sided non adhesive " " " .... ****
#12- Close to same thickness but again a different pattern and different diffusion ( #8 thru #12 are going to be very similar to each other)
#13- Twice as thick as a playing card .Could be used as a lens.
#14- One sided - non adhesive / still about the thickness of a playing card ****

New materials available are : LEE Filters

>>>> NEW <<<<<

*** Now offering 3x6 sheets of some of the more common Lee Filters

#F1 1/8 Minus Green filter ... to reduce green tint.
#F2 - 1/4 Minus Green filter .. reduces green in your beam
#F3 - 1/2 Minus Green... Maximum reduction of ugly green tint
#F5 - Red Colored filter.

*** We also carry ZIRCON - minus green filters >>

Zircon sheets take high temperature better than regular Lee filters advertised as 200x tougher /definitely thicker

Z1- Zircon Minus Green - slightly less than a 1/8th minus green. ****

Z2 - Zircon 1/8th minus green filter. *****

Z3 - Zircon 1/4 minus green filter. *****

R4- Rosco 1/4minus green in their Cinigel tough filter series // supposed to be a tougher filter yet isn't thick like the zircon .. ... For people wanting to try a different brand then Lee Filters. ****

#F1 ~ #F5 - $3 sheet
#Z1 ~ #Z3 + #R4 - $4 sheet
Continental U.S. shipping - 50 cents
International -1.50

Diffuser film is rated 1-5 stars according to my arbitrary opinion *****

OK .... How about a few Pics

Here is a light using an XPL emitter with a yellow hot spot and ugly green in the corona with bad tint shifting all thru the beam.



with dc-fix added

Shot on an iPhone and very closely resembles what your eye sees.

Here's an excellent video from Cheule that needs to be watched by everyone who is considering diffuser film or minus green filters .


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PM incoming!

this film is some of the best - really cleans up a beam! I have it on many of my lights, easy to apply. Recommend it!

Yep, I recommend it also.. crappy beam? DC FIX!

great way to improve your cheapos.

PM sent. :slight_smile:

Fantastic stuff, I have it on throwy lights to broaden out the beam. Two layers gives all spill, no throw. I have heard it absorbs only a few per cent of the light.

Im in for three

I will take 2. PM incoming

I love this stuff. Very useful film! I use it on a bunch of mine lights!

And now I see my message that you have already shipped mine…. WOW, thanks!

Great stuff .

All of my lights except throwers have a layer of this .

Great for close-up work and headlamps .

Thanks for doing this!!! PM Sent!

I would like to see an example of the product being offered. As I understand it, there are different types/levels of diffusion available. Thanks, Ed

[Is this the ‘sand’ or ‘moire’? Product #?]

People just refer to it as “dc-fix” because it seems “sand” is the only one that works well for flashlights. If I’m not mistaken, the others don’t really come close.

Selfbuilt did a test on it on CPF and came up with the 3% loss number .

It's definitely as good or better than any other diffusion material I've ever used . I use it on the S2+ Convoy lights that I originally didn't like as much as the S2 Convoy because they were to floody . This just makes them a beautiful smooth beam which I like much better .

It also kills all those super ugly rings from really ringy lights like the Tank007 566 lights . It took me a long time to start using diffuser film because i somehow thought it was cheating or going to kill a bunch of lumens .I agree with "Jacktheclipper" it's a nice addition to lots of lights .

Certainly one of the cheapest things you can do to dramatically change or fix your flashlights beam pattern .

S -series Convoy tube lights in a nice tint with dx-fix on the lens makes a great 'round the house light

Ah yes, this should be called Mag-Fix. It makes my old MagLite have a nice smooth beam. :smiley:

So do you have any beamshots of the film in “action” so to speak?

I am looking forward to getting mine for my Xtar H2 headlamp

It’s good for the xtar but I ended up Using a super heavy film (not DC fix) to get the flood I wanted.

Pm sent. Thanks.

awesome, thanks Boaz. I have DCFix on a couple of lights and it def does the trick.