GAW / Giveaway

Ok ..time to do another giveaway !!!

Sending out three different types of diffuser film and a Lee filter Minus green 1/4 sheet ..One sheet of the #1Dc-fix and the winner can pick two diffuser film materials as well .

They all smooth out any rings in your beam ,crazy hot spots or get rid of tint shifting and in some cases will reduce or blend odd amounts of color like green.

I’ve been selling Dc-fix here for years ..time to give some away
- Here is the original sales thread if you can't wait or don't feel lucky :
Giveaway ends October 17th at midnight

Requirement: You must have been a member on or Before Sept 1st 2021.

Please post only one time in this thread. Your post number is your lucky number.

Post … “ I’m in “ OR .. what light you have that needs Dc-fix to smooth out the beam on . OR can post a picture of dancing bears that you stole off the internet . ...

That’s all you have to do.

I will use to pick *a person who will then be in charge of picking who wins this giveaway . They can use random generator, make a choice themselves or even pick themselves as a winner ...It's up to them .

Good luck …

*** And The Winner is ???? # 12 g_damian You can choose to accept the win ,choose someone else or use the random generator's up to you .

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Thanks for the giveaway, Boaz!

(I'm not in this one, but I do like giveaways on BLF.)

I’m in.
Want to try the minus green.
All the Best,

Thanks for the giveaway, DC for me

I love GAW’s too
I’m in

What the heck… in!

My wife has an old 18350 P60 with a 219b dropin that I built for her. It is in a SMO reflector and has a couple of rings. I have to change the stuff out 1 or more times a year as she wears through it.

I’m in. I’ve D-C-Fixed many lights - most recently the 219B S2+.

I am in. Thank you for the opportunity.

thank you.
i am in.

Hmmm, I’d love to try the –green for s&g, so I’m in.

I’m in.
Those films are great for quad-die leds.

I’m in. I’d try it on quad e21 in s2+. :slight_smile:

I’m in

Never used these

I’m in
Thank you.
I use Dc-fix very often

I’m in! Have a SP35 at least which needs a bit of help with the SST40 beam!

I’m in! Never really tried DC-Fix before, but it seems great for some of my triple/quad lights :smiley:

I am in I need more DC fix,it really works.

I’m in! Thank you for the giveaway. I’d like to try the minus green on my wife’s S2+ with 219c.

I'm in

Want to see the green tint disappear on my Olight and Zebralight.


I am in, and thanks Boaz for your Give Away!