[UPDATED M4D deal] Manker “EDC Muscle Combo – BLF Limited”

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Many acronyms have multiple meanings. This one’s likely to encourage sales.

I’ve definitely got the manufacturing difference in the button, my 18350 tube is flawless but the 18650 tube has a little bit of wiggle room, hopefully it’s an easy fix

another 46 days to go……

Does anyone know of a good source for Lee filters?

B&H Photo is backordered on 804 minus green

24x24”sheets is smallest size I’m locating, way more than I will ever want to use


While it’s still not a great bin removing the lens is about half way to a 1/8 filter with no light loss. In someone else’s review the MCPCB is screwed down so I guess you could roll with no lens if you really want to (maybe thicker O ring if you care about water resistance). If you are the type to use a filter (not me) I would source a clear lens to make your output loss worth it.

STOCK LENS - high / turbo (18350)

NO LENS - high / turbo (18350)

BLF member Boaz was selling smaller sections of several Lee filter flavors.

BTW, Boaz also sells d-c-fix diffusion material in several varieties.

It’s still slightly green on a lower mode. But I’m happy with it.

Here are some quick photos with my phone:

EDIT: I used #F1 - 1/8 Minus Green filter from Boaz

TimMc, if your eyes see same as in photo appears green is gone, Thx…

Thanks for link goshdogit!

Yeah. I can barely see the green with 1/8 on low. It’s gone on medium/high/turbo. My SC64c LE looks greener on low. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nichia E21A 4500k - I have these in my D4v2 and love them. I almost can’t even use the E14 III now….even though the UI is wonderful. If only they’d used the E21As…

does removing the green GITD gasket make a difference to your eyes?

i _may_ see less green without it - but i am not easily bothered by the green (as long as i do not operate 2 flashlights at the same time)

E14III NW still looks very green without the GITD gasket.

I tried:

- removing the GITD gasket (still looked very green)

- removing the glass (still looked very green)

  • removing the optic and glass (still green but less focus…)

1/8 minus green filter helped get rid of most of the extra green.

Same here. The switch button has quite some play, wiggling when slightly touching it and sometimes making some loud click noise when pushed. Has anyone tried to take the tailswitch apart? It seems it's not possible to dismantle the tailcap from the tube.


Does one of the LEDs look damaged?

IMHO, all four LEDs look fine. There's some small amount of debris under the optic but more or less negligible. You will most likely not notice anything of it in the beam.

I had another look without the optic. One LED looks a little duller than the others when on the lowest two modes. But the beam is ok.

The debris is probably my fault. The little green bit near the bottom right looks like it’s just due to the angle that I took the photo. It disappears when I move the camera slightly to the left or right.

MC13 optic looks so nice :smiley:

Did you run these LEDs on a very low mode when you noticed irregular brightness among them? It seems to occur more often than I thought as I noticed these things on some other brands, too. However, when turning up brightness (= current), all LEDs were at the same brightness. Of course, I did not look into the beam with my bare eyes. :-D But a camera at underexposed settings would normally reveal any differences in brightness. In a nutshell: Please try comparing the brightness of all four LEDs at higher currents. Chances are good that everything will be okay.

M4X is correct, as long as not crossing beams the green is not that noticable, outdoors anyway. Indoors, in my shop that’s another story…
So I got some Lee minus green on order. Tho not sure about my ability to cut-out circles by hand, but I’ll give a shot…

Ps I think Nichia has spoiled many of us, me for one (:

Just for some reference, this is from this reddit post, about the LH351D with a 804 minus green. LH351D is a Winner

Just received mine today. Fit and finish is very good. Threads are excellent. Put a Lee 1/8 minus green in the E14 III right away. Will Test the MC13 after work tonight. Pretty happy so far!
I ended up opening the tail to see how they went about the electronic switch. Neat design.