[DD] 3-in-1 novelty light (10 White LEDs, 5 UV LEDs, red <5mW laser), $3.99 shipped

This is going to be another quicky. :)

As far as I can tell, this is one is identical to DX's sku.3248, which has been around for ages. Basically, it's nothing special: 10 so-so LEDs, 5 UV LEDs of unknown wavelength and quality and a red laser in a cheap host that happens to come with a side-clicky and a AAA battery holder.

What makes this light interesting, is that it takes 18650s with little or (in my case) no modification whatsoever. Due to the fact that it has a fairly large spring in the tailcap, there's no rattle and the one I got even takes protected 18650s (there are no o-rings to begin with and I really wouldn't bother waterproofing one of these).

Anyway, the point is they are fun, make good gifts and it's the cheapest I've ever seen them.

"15+1 1mw 650nm Red Laser Pointer+5 Blue Violet LED+10 White Light LED (3*AAA Batteries)" (not sure why the character encoding is broken; might be my browser's fault - sorry about that) and use coupon code "2011XMAS1st" for 15% off. Final price should be $3.99.