DD deals ?

http://www.dinodirect.com/sst-50-3-mode-850-lumen-drop-in-module.html Actually a good price ... For a SST50 drop in

http://www.dinodirect.com/trustfire-led-headlamp-cree-xp-e-q5-3mode-280lumens-memory-z1.html What does a Z1 go for / 12.99 @ DD

http://www.dinodirect.com/flashlights-jetbeam-ba10-cree-xpg-r5-led-12lm-160lm-2mode.html Jetbeam BA10 ? / 28.69

http://www.dinodirect.com/white-led-flashlight-xmlt6-3mode-750lumen-uniquefire-t6.html 2 mode + strobe T6 / 17.40

http://www.dinodirect.com/solarforce-flashlight-battery-unprotected-led-5mode-230lumen-880mah-l2m.html Cheap L2m clone

http://www.dinodirect.com/led-flashlight-5lm-200lm-cree-xpg-r5.html EX11 @ 39.39

Ooooh http://www.dinodirect.com/flashlights-jetbeam-pa01-cree-premium-r5-led-140lm-3mode-strobe.html JETBeam PA01 @ 37.39

http://www.dinodirect.com/led-flashlight-3w-150lumens-zy-309.html ?? $2.99

http://www.dinodirect.com/2W-Cree-XPE-WC-Q5-LED-Emitter-350-700mA-12-8mm-Base.html $3.39 XP-E Q5 on 14mm base [ cheap mod emitter ]

http://www.dinodirect.com/ultrafire-wf504b-led-flashlight-5mode-600lumen-xm-lt6.html XM-L 504 / 14 .oo

http://www.dinodirect.com/UltraFire-Cree-Q5-3-7V-14V-270-Lumens-LED-5-Mode-Bulbs.html Cheap drop in $5.69

http://www.dinodirect.com/led-flexible-super-bright-headlamp-250lm-3w-3mode-cree-q5.html You tell me [ headlamp ] 16.69

http://www.dinodirect.com/led-bulb-5mode-1000lm.html T6 drop in Cheap $9

http://www.dinodirect.com/Christmas-Gift-UniqueFire-HS802-Cree-R2-260-Lumens-LED-Flashlight.html Cheap HS802 17.69

the xml 504 looks interesting... but... title shows 5 mode, description says 3 mode. pictures show smo, description says OP

the 4 mode 1000l dropin looks nice too... but... its a "STARS" in the title, an pictures show an ultrafire

cmon DD...

although i may still take the gamble

Add Fenix E05 for $17,39 also. Or E01 for $10,99 :)

Like that 1xAA JetBeam you mention, but quite overpriced still, IMO. Wish ITP/Olight had something similar (i.e. A2 with switch)

Fenix E05 was about $15.x with the 15% disc, last week i think. E01 is as low as it could be, it dropped a lot so no need for the 15% disc.

The BA10 looks nice I like the 1AA format...Great price on the E01 I may get another one at this price as a spare.

Both the q5, and xm-l did not seem to work.(out of stock?) Oh well, got the bc40. It is all your fault.

We should do 2 threads about DD, 1 with budget lights under 20/15 $ and another with expensive deals

or create 2 new by active and willing boys that will edit everyday the first post :tired:

here looks more the cheap side so let's add also that cheap bestsellers that deserve its own thread ...but are so much, that's not DD offers forum :Sp

Sipik-68 clone (cree Q3) at 5,99$(u can choose also the color black/gray)

and the C78 (cree P4) at 6,39$

TANK007 HM-01 AAA Black cat (OSRAM LED) at 7,99$

TrustFire XP-E F23 SS 3-Mode AAA/10440 (CREE Q3) at 10,99

and don't forget to use coupons and the 1$ off survey(I fear that the survey is END now:( ) :P

And some one needs to keep an eye on DX Deals ....

Will that L2m clone run on 18350 or just 16340 & CR123 Only?

Well, 501a should at least take them.


4.5$, is that cheap for host only?

Cheap P60 XM-L dropins are out of stock.

The price on that E01 is great (even more so after rebates). I'd buy more if I didn't already have a few that I keep around as emergency lights. If they had other colors, maybe but I think I'm good.

The cheaper of the two SK68s has been sold out for a while. When you try to add one to your cart, you get a JavaScript pop up that says "Sorry. 0 in stock." or something to that effect.