DD Gift Cards?

Hello. I have several gift cards from Dino. Anybody know if you make a $7 purchase on a $10 gift card, what happens to the balance? Do you lose it? And can you combine more than 1 gift card for a purchase? Thanks for those in the know...


The balance is lost and you couldn't combine more giftcards on one purchase.

seems like a good question to be asking summer ..I have a hard time believing you lose your balance .

Who in their right mind would let that happen ?

it would be dino burgers every night for the next 3 years

The balance exists: in digital heaven.

(I once put $50 credit on a phone card- it expired and I lost the credit. When I phoned to inquire what happened to the credit I was told it went to digital heaven!)

as I remember DD gift card keep the residual credit

Hi, thanks for your question. The DD gift card can keep the residual credit, and you can use it for another order.

I had the same experience with you. What happened?it was forfeited. SO it should be used or consume the whole amount capable to buy using the gift card. During the last week, drivers in Prosper, Texas hoped to be greeted by a traffic cop. The police have been stopping exemplary motorists and rewarding them with $10 gift cards. Article source: Good drivers receive gift cards in Texas town