DD Job Offer???

Anyone else got this?


We are looking for part-time writers global wide. If you are interested
in, just contact us by instant ways. Requirements: 1. Must have PC,
internet connection at home ,and English be your native language .
2. Good at writing 3. Interesting with electronic gadgets 4. Have online
purchasing experience. You can earn from $15 - $30 a day even for part-
For more details, add me in:
MSN Messenger: alicedino@live.com
Yahoo Messenger: alicemaxcy@yahoo.com MSN: alicedino@live.com
Skype: alicedino67

And if you have a load text me and tell me you are online. Hurry! Be one
of us now.

Best wishes


I would never work for this kind of company. I don't want my name associated with them.

Yep got it too..I imagine the job is spamming..so best to ignore

Got it too, twice.

If I take the job, will they send me free stuff to review?

Be please sure on to write plenty good for electricity for China time. We like you won’t you like us very good as well? Dino Direct has plenty good chance to rip off stupid American flashlight purchase.

Oh no! They Got him! We must quarantine =P

Another one

"Be one of us now..."

Yessss.......come join usssssssss.......sssssssssubmit...........

LOL, Id love a job like that. I could check out all the new lights and inventory they have. Maybe even get an employee discount?

They dont need a technical writer the current guy is pretty good:

-Light is slender and delicate for both man and lady use outside.

-Light is strong and preserve pressure

-Light prevent power failure

-Do not shine light in eye of kid

-Light is made for activity of boating fishing climbing patrolling securing walking running swimming icing arresting inspect jade reading writing and to prevent fire.

-Light is 800lumens one AAA battery. $200 on sale $5.99. 23hour left.

LOL. Id work there for free.

And if you have a WHAT ?

Whats all with that "inspect jade" thing? Why jade and not stones?

Chinese care about jade, they don't care about "stones".

coz jade items are very common in china and often are fakes, a light help you to identify

Opportunities I miss for not speaking English as a native language...

You don't have to tell them that. Say you were adopted and grew up in an American family.

Thank you, my friend. I am laughing so hard right now.

I don't think they fall for that... It seems like they have a very sharp eye for not-so-perfect English, but I can try:


Certainly better than the descriptions and reviews we read on their site.

This is a paid forum spammer position. And you don't get paid for threads deleted. Not worth it.

OMG, I have received it twice ,just regard this as a way of spamming the forum...