de-doming: illustrations for color changes and increased luminance

Apart from being injured by overheating as abovementioned, it might perhaps just be an LED from the upper "green end" of the 1C area?
I really believe you would see mechanical damage with a magnifier or even the naked eye.

Indeed. I guess, strictly speaking they should only be used with a calibrated chain (camera, software, graphics card+monitor).

Absolutely! It both covers tint shift and increased luminance. That's why I also had linked it at the very beginning of my post:)

His post was the first time I learnt the real explanation, instead of the idea "same lumens from smaller area".

Yep, same with me, and even after reading it it took quite some more thinking to really understand what is going on optically.

I’ve also read his post several times. Even if we set all of his other work aside, that one post is and has been a huge asset to us!

Like ImA4Wheelr, I don’t think I really absorbed the tint shifting business DrJones presented until looking at it this most recent time (which was after reading SMA’s great post showing where the rubber meets the road!).

That’s not surprising. You are using a colorimeter - it can’t really do the measurements you want. It makes certain assumptions about the spectral distribution of the light source, that are not necessarily true for the LEDs you are measuring.

I happen to have a real spectrometer (Spectrocam) and a colorimeter (i1 Display 2). E.g. for my TK35 (XML T6), the i1 measurement is about 500K too cold and a bit too green. Your Spyder has very different color filters/tuning compared to the i1, so errors will be different.

That being said, I think your measurements are useful as an qualitative indication of the color shift. But the actual amount will probably be wrong, since the spectrum of the LED will likely change a fair amount…