Deal alert : 100W LED, 82mm reflector, 78mm aspheric, for the DIYers

100W LED, 82mm reflector, 78mm aspheric combo for cheap now.

Nothing new and its been available on DX/Aliexpress/Ebay for ages, but the price is new to me.

Reflector and aspheric




2100 stop spamming ;-)

BLF was spoilt just now, could not post so i hit refresh and it came out thrice.

Wow, I was thinking of making a custom light bar to go under my wind visor on the roof of my xterra just the other day too... 3 or 4 of these would kill.

Could one psu power 3 or 4 of these ya think?

About 60 per light minus psu costs. About the price of high output fog lights

The psu linked is 100W - enough for one of the 100W plate LEDs at full-tilt.

Pulsar, there are some good and cheap light bars, i think easier to go for those form factor. You'd need 32-35V for these LEDs. This is more for general illumination like the light bars.

This would be pretty good for those into aqauariums.

I saw some light bars rated at like 5000-15000l and they were rediculously starting out over 200 for the 5000l model. Didn’t look too far into it, but this gave me ideas to save money. But the psu would be the killers I guess on this one. No cash for the x until tax refunds, so just gathering ideas. I can fab and weld so I was thinking an aluminum or stainless box to house it all mounted where my dirty storage compartment is on the roof, right behind the wind visor.

thanks for the video link!

question - is that simply a potentiometer he's varying voltage with?

I'm working on a similar project but a bit smaller and w/ xmls. I've already got the voltage monitor, thermometer, vga cooler, etc...

I hope it works because it won't be cheap.

When the bulb in my big advance auto, autocraft spotlight goes it will be the next project, but w/ a boost driver instead of mains.

and for absolutely no good reason, besides fun

Ok Pulsar, i am not an expert in those and don't know where to get the best deals...but if you can discount toughness/reliability for a while and just to get your lumens fix, i think these are pretty decent in price.

It's usd108 to USA unfortunately via UPS, it's only 72 bucks here to SG.

No feedback score (new store) so that is one reason why it's so cheap, to build up the repu first. ESCROW = you do not release the payment to the seller after you have received and inspected the goods, and there is actually partial refund and the amt is set/negotiated by you. :)

BTW, why not HIDs as they are cheaper per watt? You need flood?

I prefer HIDs for this....simpler and cheaper, and seriously no issue with heat. Bulb may blow due to overdriving (for max lux only, the lumens take a 20-30% hit) but they are cheap. The 8 seconds heat-up time with an overdriven bulb is a pro and con. It actually protects you from damaging your eyes when "playing" with such a light because of the soft startup, when at about 12 inches away, the lux is just barely enough for the ~ 0.1 to 0.2 seconds blink reflex to kick in and prevent retina damage. I managed to accidentally switch this on when my eyes were in the path of the light, i could not see for a good 20-30 mins and the flash blindness lasted 2 days. A big reflector XM-L can't do this even at 12 inches.

And also of course when you are demoing the light to others it gives the impression that "'s that bright only", and later OMG!

With 100W bulbs, the startup lag time goes up to about 30 seconds.

that thing is SWEET! I need one similar, ~30" x 3" and WARM white.

2100, you're killing me, I'm shutting down my computer before I have to get a second job.

it is a tough decision for me. On one hand, I'd like a monster flood light for setting up camp w/ a large group of people. On the other, the super throw of it STOCK is sometimes useful, but mostly just incredibly impressive, so HID would be killer.

both are a bit outside of my knowledge but when I finish current projects I'll rectify that w/ some help from you guys :)

Are there any suitable drivers to run one of those big arrays from a 12v SLA? I've been wanting to convert a 500 watt halogen work light to LED with a self contained power supply for portability. Something like that looks like it might do well if I could find a driver to power it. I know I could do it with a mains driver and a properly sized inverter but there's bound to be something more efficient.

I have first notice that kind of big power LED in DX, the most attrative part is theirs crazy lumens output!

But other than using the electricity from house plug, I find that it is quite difficult to find a suitable battery (or joining various batteries altogether...) to make it into a flashlight. Hmm, maybe 2100 is correct, for that price I would go for a HID instead :D

P.S. Yeah I know, this kind of LED is not designed for flashlight... :P

100w… what over 9000

Beyond my abilities, but thanks for posting. Hope some of you post your builds. I’ve always been fascinated with the 100watt led’s

I have tested a LOT of those Chinese arrays… none have come close to meeting their published specs. If you want to do it properly buy an array made by Bridgelux (Digikey and Newark carry them). I get more light out of 60W into a Bridgelux array than my best 100W Chinese array.

Also, forget using it with an aspheric lens. It will just project an array of dots.

The 540,000 lumen array that I designed is water cooled…

lol never thought my two passion would mix. Imagine someone jimmy rigging a corsair H100, HID battery cells & a 100 watt LED.

with 400 bucks to spare someone could do this!