Deal Alert: 26650 - UniqueFire UF-2180 - $19.73

I saw this flashlight at DealExtreme at $53, and the same version but without brand on eBay at$20

They look identical, head is 1mm bigger than a C8.

I ordered two of them right now, they look well made with a nice led isulator disk.

Looks like the Keygos M10. Sounds like a good price.


Great price on a great looking light.

Yes, you are right. Well, so price is not so different but it is still a bit cheaper.

This will be my first 26650 flashlight (well, my first and second :stuck_out_tongue: ). I haven’t ordered batteries yet, so maybe I’ll start using the tube adapter.

How about this $19.08 (and some budget lights at store)

Nice one, that model costs 25.1 at DX:

I got that light form DD for $39 (incl. battery and charger). Very nice light, well worth it, especially at the ebay price.

I so want this one, but I also want this…

It’s a U2. I’m just not a fan of the bluer U2 colors.

Been lurking a few weeks now, and thought I’d register to say Thanks!
I just bought 2 of these from your link. I almost bought the same pair from another ebay seller last night for about US$23.70, but these ones saved me a couple of bucks.

They must be the cheapest short/wide 26650 flashlights (for bike rides) out now.

Thanks again.

Both of these lights are super deal. The 1st one is a copy of the Keygos M10, IMO, a superlight. The second one, I got from DX for $25.10, now I got to go and get another one at that price… :wink:

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Thanks for the welcome.

Upgrading to these - as other night riders are getting new blinding lights and ruining my night vision. I wanted something small, cheap and bright (dipped to ground, of course). I think these pair should do nicely.

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It says U2, but I don’t trust on the description… sometimes sellers sells XR-E (shown in picture) telling it’s an X-ML T6!, so, we can’t note difference from T6 to U2, it’s easy to lie there.
Also can be found at USD22.8 from Lightmalls, I was considering that model but now that I discovered the one in the first link I pulled the trigger for the other. Both of them look very well made, I like the isulator disk used in both, and for that price that is luxury :stuck_out_tongue:

Retraction and self-correction.

This is not the same one at DX for $25.10…
They look alike, so much alike that I went and purchased it. But, after buying it, I saw where it is NOT a 26650 light. It is a 1 18650, 3 * AAA*

Odd description that the barrel takes 3*AAA and with the picture of the 18650 sleeve but no mention of 26650 compatibility.

I guess we will just have to see what’s what when we get it delivered.

It looks exactly like the one I got from DX, but that one is 18650 and 26650 only, no AAA. This will be my helmet light… :wink:

This light was delivered to me yesterday. It is not the same one at DX for $25.10. This light states that it is an 1x18650, and a 3xAAA. However, when it came, it looks like the one at DX, and it only has a filler to put in a 18650. No filler for 3xAAA.

So, since it looks like the one on DX, which a 26650 light, I tried to put in a 26650 cell.
Oh boy, why did I do that. It was a tight fit, for the 26650 to get it. It never got it, it stripped off the cover of the Flame 26650 cell. Then even worse, the cell started sparking, and I even seen some flame. I stopped at that point. The covering off the 26650 cell came off. Now, I have lost a $10 cell, and as I see it, from my opinion, this light is a defected copy of the light on DX. No adapters to make it take a 3xAAA, it comes with a filler to for a 18650. My conclusion is that it is a defective copy of the light on DX. Defective in the battery tube is not big enough to accept the 26650.

Could somebody correct me on this?


Glad your ok!

Sorry to hear that.

So this is not for 26650 cell.