Deal Alert: 5 mode SK68 clone - $2.18 USD (expired)

Spotted this on OzB

Link to the light is HERE

Use this code the the checkout: ozbargain1410

About 1 day left before it goes back to full price.

Ordered. Thanks for the heads up.

Is it wrong to order multiple via multiple single orders? The discount only applies like $6 off when ordering multiple in a single order.

Yep, it works, 2,18 for 5-mode light, not bad.

Edit: Somehow it doesn't work anymore..first time I couldn't pay, second time it said I couldn't use this coupon..

That's ok..didn't know Why I wanted to buy one anyway :)

Thanks ezarc. Worked for me but it would only give the discount on one light. Your right I dont need it anyway but for a couple of dollars.

Coupon Code Not Valid for me. :frowning:
Only $2.37 postage to U.K. as well.

I’m concerned… :~
In for one, time will tell… :quest:

Hey thanks just ordered
it’s working for me £1.37 shipped to uk, thinking if I should get a few more. Is it easy to covert to 3 mode?

i have buy one 1,65€ :money_mouth_face: :beer:


I just ordered one, had some troubles at first, but eventualy went through. 2,18$, less then 1/2 cigarette pack :smiley:
EDIT: If i try to order another one, i get the “Coupon code ”ozbargain1410” is not valid.”

Thanks. Actually ordered a silver one earlier today for 3.95, have too many already but for $2 im game.

Thank you for the heads up. I placed an order for one. :slight_smile:

Strange this wasn’t a part of the first offers here @ BLF.

I thought that odd too… Pretty sure we would have bought all their stock in a few hours if they had.

I do not have 14500 battery… AA will not work right? I saw input 3.7V :frowning:

I haven’t heard of an sk68 that wont use both. All of mine work with both.

Ordered. Not sure why I ‘need’ another SK68, but ordered :slight_smile:

I don’t have any 14500 batteries either. I am going to order this one from Mountain Electronics. link

thanks for the info… ordered 1 too… don’t need another but for $2.18? why not… maybe I can use it for gift :wink:

I use enelop AA and it work just fine :smiley:

That’s ok…didn’t know Why I wanted to buy one anyway :slight_smile:


me neither, but I did. Had a lot of trouble on the site but after trying 3 times I got my order to go thru. I have a single mode Sipik clone, and a 3 mode one, this will round it out. With 14500s in them they are powerhouses.