L3 Illumination L10 XP-G2 …… $24.00 shipped
. XP-G2 has green body…. twisties \
xp-g2 has rubber grommet removed for ease of use with flat tops

ALL LIGHTS BRAND NEW IN BOX… if they came in a box…
otherwise, … no box

ultrafire C-8 XM-L for 12.00… with any purchase….
otherwise shipped by itself….add shipping cost…
this c-8 is as bright or brighter than my convoy c-8 driven at 2.8 amps…
I also have weapon mounts for the c-8….
i will have to post photos or send to your email……

DISNEY ENELOOP 8-PACK $32.00 SHIPPED FROM USA (have 2 packs… new)
free shipping in USA

i ship outside of USA… but you pay for it……
the good old free shipping days are gone

How much for the EA8? PM me please.

Those Darth’s are sweet. Classy and well built. I recently got one for my wife because she likes flooders, but wanted something less clucky than a SRK. She seems to always have it near her. I want one myself too, but I have really overspent lately.

Best of luck selling your lights. Those are all really good prices for some of the nicer lights out there.

Is the EA8 still available? If so would you take $100 shipped for the EA8 and the eagletac? If so I’ll take them.

is the eagletac CW or NW?


sorry bout the caps

PM’d u.

Cat eyes let me know and they r sold……

Sent pm

Used, brand new?

How much for the 2 packs of eneloops and the Darth together?

Received the Darth today, and it's in perfect working shape.


I'm also pretty surprised. I figured it would take a few more days. I had a package from Utah take nearly three weeks to get to me by regular mail.

I don't know what it is, sometimes it's SUPER FAST sometimes, it's painful just watching a package sit in tracking for days and days.

Thanks for shipping it out so fast. Good luck with the rest of the sales.

I didn't get the eneloops, only the Darth.

All told it's a pretty nice light. I'd definitely take over an SRK in terms of quality, and obviously UI. Not sure if I will mod it, or release it back into the wild. Waiting on my supfire m6's before I decide.

*Cough* You have another Darth?

Heh... kind of wish I knew that before I bought 4 new pc games... still have $44 $45.68 left in my paypal account though. Repeat customer discount ?

Hows the darth on throw? Sorry at work so cant search reviews plus ill steal it from under IEs nose :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw IE still need to respond to your PM on LPF……been swamped with work buddy

Definitely now a throw light, but it puts out plenty of flood. Even more so than SRK.

Somewhat dimmer than the SRK, but I like the form factor, and the UI (although more settings, and a smoother magnetic ring would have been nice).

It's basically a really good indoor/warehouse light. The PWM is very noticeable.

I'm debating with myself whether I want to sell mine, or have it upgraded... potential is there, but unfortunately so is the price tag for the mod. I kind of want a second one because I think it would make for a nice gift. (Although I feel I'm lying to myself a bit since I already have a few "gift" lights.)

Send one my way :wink:

Hmmm, I want a light with some throw. The 7G5CS has me hooked on getting throwers, although I still need to by a flooder so the Darth might be a good option for that

Do you accept money order? If so I’ll take the $12 C8. I won’t be back online till late this evening (but its not like I could send the MO till Monday morning anyway) so if that’s cool just PM me your mailing address.